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Our huge family wolf robe spends a little time on the back porch of our present Idaho home, looking at the immediately adjacent high country and a deep blue sky, in the sun of a winter afternoon.  Our very special traditional Pipe of Peace, with two close-together beaded feathers, is placed at the top.  The robe was made about 1865 by my [HG] ancestor,  Louis Annance, St. Francis Abenaki, from the skins of three large timber wolves that he killed in the Moosehead Lake section of Northern Maine. 


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Note by Hunter Bear:  This contains intro material related to the as yet [February 2007] unsolved killings of Native men at Grand Forks, North Dakota.  For more details, see Native American Commission Page 4.

LATEST ON THE NATIVE MURDERS AT GRAND FORKS -- AND THE RUSS TURCOTTE MURDER -- [10/25/04]:  More than three years have passed and no arrests have been made in the murders of Robert and Damian Belgarde. Russell Turcotte, who disappeared at Grand Forks on the night of July 12 2002, was found murdered near Devils Lake, N.D.  In mid-August 2002, a veteran Grand Forks police officer passed information to me through a good mutual friend:  arrests might not be far off in the Belgarde case. And then -- in a shocker -- he said he was totally unaware of the Turcotte disappearance and no other Grand Forks officers he knew had mentioned it. [Media in Grand Forks have said little about Russell Turcotte's disappearance, often giving only the vague impression that it's a Montana situation -- home of the young man.  But the 19 year old disappeared at Grand Forks!]  The police officer, well-placed and dependable, indicated he'd push the matter locally.  A search, which focused pretty much on the immediate Grand Forks area and which quite unfortunately failed to go very far afield,  turned up nothing.   On November 6, 2002 the Turcotte family notified me that the body of Russell had just been found -- near Devils Lake and close to Highway 2 -- and that he had definitely been murdered.  Hunter Bear

Please see following Native American Commission pages for  more info -- and speculation -- on these Native tragedies in North Dakota.


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