This was an FBI effort (Albuquerque Regional Office and Gallup Field Office)  to defame and smear me  in 1979 -- by deliberately confusing me with another, entirely different person -- a "John R. Satter" -- who, whether actually in existence or simply a fictional creation , was characterized as extremely unstable.  When this was discovered by me, years later, I protested with great vigour and FBI hurriedly "retracted and removed" (at least ostensibly!)


During the period 1978-1981, I was at Navajo Community College, Navajo Nation -- via Tsaile, Arizona. This was the first of what are now about 40 tribally-controlled Native colleges in the United States.  (The College is now known as Dine' College.)  The primary organizer of the College, in the late 1960s and its first President, was Ned A. Hatathli, a person of many rich and extraordinary gifts, who had been a long time art student of my father at Arizona State College, Flagstaff  and was always  a close and enduring family friend.  Ned died in 1972.


When I was at the College (again, 1978-81), I taught Sociology and Social Work.  I was also Chair of the Curriculum Committee and Chair of Academic Standards.  In addition, I was, for the last two years of my tenure, Chair of our Department of Education and Behavioral Sciences.  I was, too, organizer of the Vista Program for the Lukachukai and Tsaile/Wheatfields chapters (Navajo political subdivisions), Advisor to the NCC Student Court System, Chairman of the NCC Grievance Committee, and -- for one year -- Chair of the Physical Education Department.


In addition to these official posts, I was the consistent (and very determined and effective)  Advocate for students, staff, and faculty -- and was also the chief organizer and President of the faculty chapter of American Association of   University   Professors ( effectively handling very complex contract issues.)


And, very significantly, I was also deeply involved in anti-uranium/anti-nuclear efforts -- and I wrote widely for United States and global publications on this topic.


The FBI -- always an enemy -- was perennially ready to pounce.


In the 1980s, after fight after fight with the FBI and the Department of Justice, I secured via FOIA, about  3,000 pages of FBI documents relating to me. (The FBI listed me in increasingly escalating formal categories designating  dangerous agitator -- including the "Rabble Rouser Index." ) In addition, there are several hundred other pages which the FBI still refuses to provide, citing various "security" grounds.

Included in one of the many hard-fought releases, was a packet of material from 1979 -- involving the Albuquerque Regional Office of FBI and its Gallup (NM) Field Office.

When I saw this, I immediately protested to the FBI -- first to Mr. Charles Lady, the FBI/FOIA agent then processing my FBI documents, on March 30, 1984;  and then, almost concurrently, to William Webster, then Director of the FBI.

First, I am herewith publishing my detailed  two page letter of  protest  -- April 6, 1984 -- to William Webster. 

Mr. Webster did not reply.  However, the FBI, making reference to my letter to the FBI/FOIA agent, Charles Lady, did  (at least ostensibly) retract and remove the 1979 documents. At the same time, since I had in passing mentioned this in my letter of protest to Mr. Lady, FBI removed one 1963 document which clumsily confused me with another John Salter.  I happened to know this other John Salter, a South Carolinian active in civil rights and labor endeavors -- a good person.

I'm reprinting the FBI letter of correction -- April 11 1984.

In addition, however, I am reprinting two   letters of reference from Navajo Community College which attest to my character and contributions: one (September 18 1979) is from Dr. Duane Hale, a Creek Indian, who was our Department Chair for my first year at NCC and a fine colleague thereafter.  The other (April 2 1980)  is from Carl Hime, then Vice-President of NCC.

At the University of North Dakota, to which I went after NCC, I was full Professor in the Department of American Indian Studies and, for several years, Departmental Chair.  I was also for a number of years Chair of the Honors Program.  And I was a member of the Graduate Faculty.

I often used documents from my FBI file to illustrate to students and others the witch-hunting nature of the FBI and comparable agencies. This included this weird 1979 material  from Albuquerque Regional Office/Gallup Field Office. 

I had many enemies at the University of North Dakota and environs -- primarily because of my effective civil rights/Native rights/labor rights campaigns at the University, in the town of Grand Forks, and in the general region.

In 1989 and 1990, there were obvious signs that my office had been surreptitiously searched.  I found that copies of the FBI's 1979 documents had been taken -- but that, significantly, the copy of my letter to FBI Director William Webster and the FBI's letter of retraction/correction were not taken!

Several years later, soon after my 1994 retirement from UND, I learned that copies of the defamatory  1979 FBI pages had been   shown around certain circles at UND. In a letter of February 28 1995,  I brought this to the attention of then UND President Kendall Baker, the then Academic Vice-President Marlene Strathe, and  the then Arts and Sciences Dean Bernard O'Kelly.   There was no anwer of any sort from any of them.  When nothing was forthcoming, I wrote on March 18 1995 to UND Law Dean and University Counsel, Jeremy Davis -- a reasonable person.   I attached a copy of the correspondence and enclosures sent to the three aforementioned administrators.  I did not hear from Dean Davis.


[I have never used a VA hospital or any of its other medical services.  I did, however, get through much of my higher ed work via the GI Bill and I also utilized my GI home buying loan when we purchased our first house in Raleigh, North Carolina.]



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