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"I was the only one who spoke on the possibility that, in order to reach
their tech point, the ET culture[s] had to have achieved a careful balance
between individual creativity and collective endeavor -- and probably in a
non-violent context.  Admittedly, that could be tagged a superimposition of
my own  long-standing philosophical wishes -- but, frankly, it does make

-- Hunter Gray, at a closed and select meeting high up in the
Rockies, attended by academics and scientists and others
especially attuned.  The gathering is briefly discussed on this page.


At this point -- Fall 2008 -- I am adding these three up-date dimensions:


In 1994, after thirteen years of teaching at the University of North Dakota, I took formal retirement -- at my rank of Full Professor.  I had also served as Departmental Chair of Indian Studies, Chair of the Honors Program, and member of the Graduate Faculty.  And, as always, I had initiated a good number of  successful social justice campaigns, both within the University and the general Northern Plains region.  It would be an understatement to say that I was "controversial."
But then, I have always been That.
Two years after my retirement, Native students asked me to chair an important session on American Indian educational challenges at the annual "Indian Time Out" -- the week long Indian Days program at UND.  I was pleased to agree and, although a sadly successful effort was made from somewhere to pressure two adult members from participating in our session, we found apt substitutes -- and our panel was a significant success from every standpoint.  Attendance was excellent and was characterized by many of my former students -- as well as by many new faces.  Questions and discussion were truly great.
At the conclusion, a young Sioux student came up to the platform.  He reached up and I reached down to shake hands. "I've heard all about you," he said. adding "all good."  And then he continued, "You're the guy this University treated so damn badly -- and used the UFO thing as an excuse."
I smiled, and agreed.  "You got it right," I said.  We visited congenially for a few minutes and then I went down and mingled cordially with the other many students who gathered to shake hands and to wish me very well -- as I certainly did them.

Hunter Gray [Hunter Bear]


In the spring of 2000, now in Idaho, I was contacted by Shawn Casteel, an
established writer for the quite attractive journal, UFO Magazine.  The
publication was interested in three very substantial pieces on university
academics active in the UFO/ET field -- and had chosen David Jacobs [History] of
Temple University, John Mack [Psychiatry] of Harvard, and myself [recently retired from
University of North Dakota.].  I gave him a very extensive interview on my
ET experiences and analyses and conclusions; sent background photos
regarding me including several from my Southern civil rights work; one of
myself painting my Native war drum at age seven; a photo of my oldest son,
John; news clippings; much more.  We were extremely pleased with the result
which appeared in the September 2000 issue.  It was a very good and full
roundup covering  eight pages with side-bars, many photos [some in
color]  -- including a fine shot of the syllabus from  my great course, UFOs,
ETs, and Close Encounters. Most importantly, my consistent position
regarding the friendly nature of ETs and ET  visitation was accurately
stated with clarity -- and reiterated.    He also did a good one on
Professor Jacobs -- and another writer, Richard Cutting, contributed a long
questions-and- answers piece with Dr. Mack.

In his prologue to the long piece involving me, Shawn Casteel wrote:

"Activists typically organize and rally for a particular political or social
agenda.  And so it was for this North Dakota professor, who never dreamed
his experiences on the forefront of social activism would include
life-changing encounters with otherworldly beings."

And my final sentence in the long piece:  "The [ET] people we met we liked.
This is something that you know. This wasn't something they had done to us."

[Cover with content listing of UFO Magazine.]

Hunter Bear


And finally, a contemporary note on my battle with the genetically-based
and frequently lethal disease, Systemic Lupus [SLE].  Relatively rare and
with no cure, this has an especial preference for men and women who are
Native American, African American, Chicano -- and for women in general. [It
doesn't seem interested in Anglo men.] It's obvious from our retrospective
medical detective work that it has waxed and waned at several points since I
was 25 years old.  In the "old days" we had no idea what it was, I went to
no physicians, took no medicines, kept on working at full steam -- and
suppressed it for long periods.  This most recent attack, which became
obvious in 2003, brought me very close to death three times. The several
physicians involved have been surprised at my survival -- and substantial
upsurge.  It continues to remain a Challenge -- can be a tug-of-war -- but
we have it essentially under control and I fight to put it down Forever.  As
we all consistently said as we organized the massive and historic Jackson
Movement in the Mississippi of the early 1960s, "WWW" -- We Will Win.

Nialetch / Onen
Hunter [Hunter Bear]
In the mountains of Eastern Idaho



A fine book on the Betty and Barney Hill case has just appeared this summer,
2007.  Written by Betty's niece, Kathleen Marden, and Stanton T. Friedman,
MSc, noted nuclear physicist and veteran UFO researcher, it's titled,
World's First Documented Alien Abduction]. Published by New Page Books [A
Division of Career Press, Inc.], Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, it is 319
pages, thoroughly detailed and documented, with many photos,  notes,
bibliography and index. It features a foreword by Dr. Bruce Maccabee and is
widely available at bookstores and Internet sales sources for $16.99 [U.S.].

Strongly recommended.  [H.G.]



Dear Hunter,
     It was great to hear from you.  I'm pleased to hear that you are apparently well enough to keep up the fight for social justice in spite of your Lupus. You sound full of vitality. 
     My book sales are doing pretty well.  I am delighted to say that Captured  has reached number 1 on several short lists during the fall.  I remain busy doing presentations and book signings, while at the same time, I am working on a novel.  This one is a murder mystery.  I've decided to try a new genre.  I'm enjoying the creative process. 
     I have a new web site at .  It is all about the book and has some photos of Betty. 
     I want to wish you, Eldri and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2008.
Best regards,
Kathy Marden 


[Kathy Marden is a good personal friend indeed, niece of Betty Hill, and
executor of Betty's papers and related materials.  She wrote in response to
my recent post, "Sun on the Water."  But she also mentioned at length
current attacks by "professional" skeptics on her late aunt, a very dear
friend of ours in her own right, who, with her husband Barney, experienced a
close-up and friendly encounter with ETs at night in a remote section of New
Hampshire's White Mountains in 1961.  Betty, an Anglo social worker, was
from a very old New England family; and Barney Hill, Afro-American, was
originally from Pennsylvania and a respected Federal employee.  John Fuller
wrote a well documented best seller, The Interrupted Journey -- which was
the basis of a well known film, The UFO Incident, starring James Earl Jones
and Estelle Parsons.]  H


Dear Kathy:

We were certainly glad to hear from you.  But we were quite distressed to
learn of the sniping attacks against Betty.  We are not especially
surprised.  "Cheap shots" are always the "tactical" weapon-of-choice by
mediocrities -- whatever their presumed academic background.

[I am sending a copy of this to Eldri and the Offspring -- and also to our
very good friends, Scott Colborn and Scott Jones.]

No one, with any semblance of open mind, who ever met or talked with
Betty -- and we are sure this was equally true with Barney who had passed
away before we appeared on the ET scene -- could ever have doubted her
tremendous honesty, absolutely pervasive sincerity, and her powerful
commitment.  And that commitment, of course, embraced not only the reality
and extremely thoughtful comprehension of their great ET experience -- but
also their rich activities on behalf of social justice. I have always
appreciated the fact that they were always faithful and active Unitarians.

When my son, John, and I had that 1988 conscious ET/UFO experience -- first,
as you know, in darkened Wisconsin and then the up-close sighting in broad
daylight in western Illinois -- I immediately recalled that of Betty and
Barney.  Although we had had no conscious interest in ET phenomena up to
that point, I had been aware of Betty and Barney because of the great
strength and depth of their interracial marriage.  In short time, I
contacted Betty and our friendship grew rapidly and, from our perspective,
in enormously beneficial fashion.  Our considerable correspondence began and
lasted for many years [those letters are in my closed collected papers at
the State Historical Society of Wisconsin and, along with other personal
correspondence on many topics, will be opened in 2010.]  Eldri and I and
Josie visited Betty in New Hampshire on two occasions and I saw her again
when I spoke at the N.H. MUFON gathering late in 1994.  And our great
correspondence continued long indeed after that. [Josie, I should add, has
always recalled those meetings with the greatest fondness.  And, of course,
being Cat People, we remember that array of furry friends very well indeed!]

Betty was an extremely important and enduring force in getting John and I
[and our whole family] off to the best kind of start and the long term [to
this very moment and into our future] full comprehension and realization of
the very human meaning of our ET visitors.  In time, we learned more -- but
have always been profoundly aware of the great role played by Betty [and
then others] in assisting us in our Climb Toward The Sun.  We have always
been convinced of the rock-solid reality of the experiences of she and
Barney, and of our own, and those of many others.  We continue to see the ET
visitors as friendly [though understandably cautious] with a primary focus
on sensitizing our humanity to the nearby presence of friendly ET life not
far from our own solar system.

In my current struggle with systemic lupus [genetic and frequently lethal],
we know I threw it off on my own 40 years ago and kept it at arm's length
until it emerged openly and full-blown three years or so ago.  From 1988
until it struck very hard in 2003, I took not one aspirin.  Even in the
midst of its still current onslaught, I have survived and kept fighting --
my inherent toughness reinforced, we are certain, by our ET legacy.  The
doctors have been surprised at my resiliency -- and survival.  Fairly early
on, we told my primary physician -- a young and devout Mormon -- about our
ET experiences.  He listened carefully, never blinking an eye.  On the
matter of the positive physiological changes engendered by our 1988 close
encounter, he remarked that every one of them was consistent with human
growth hormone. [We all knew, of course, that I had never taken that and,
frankly, we were hardly aware of its existence as a very latter day medical
substance.]  He asked if this could be entered into my medical record and
both Eldri and I agreed immediately and affirmatively -- and so he wrote it
all out carefully with some detail.  I should add that, even in the pits of
this Lupus,  most of those positive physiological changes continued [I trim
my fingernails very frequently and my feet grew steadily to their just
attained length of Size 17!]  Others of those changes have now been
re-emerging openly.

As the developing field of psychical research -- parapsychology --
recognized more than a century ago, no amount of hard, scientific evidence
can convince a "box-canyoned" skeptic.  I have been a member of the American
Society for Psychical Research since the early '60s [because of my own
inherent experiences, healthy curiosity, and fine examples of such early
pioneers as William James and later Gardner Murphy and many others.]

The kind of evidence involved in the experiences of Betty and Barney and
many people is obviously incontrovertible. [When people contact me on the ET
topic, I always mention Betty and Barney in some detail and make reference
to the appropriate books and other works.]  But Skeptics [and I am not
talking about careful researchers of any kind], are, it has always seemed to
us, to be motivated by generalized fear and/or career climbing.  People, if
they will it, can often overcome fear.  A career-oriented skeptic, though
he/she can do a certain amount of damage to others, will never get higher
than the lowest plateau.  In both cases, fear and/or career, they are
destined to reside in a closed box canyon with the narrowest of horizons.

Betty and Barney climbed high -- recognized that our Universe is vast and
that they had "caught" a highly significant piece of it.  And they went on
to influence, in the most thoughtfully altruistic traditions, a wide segment
of our own long suffering humanity.

They and their message will never die.

Take care, Kathy, and our very best.  Please feel very free to share this
letter.  Hunter



Dear Hunter,
     Thank-you very much for your kind words regarding Betty and Barney's fine character and very real ET encounter.  At this juncture, when sometimes it seems that my life is consumed in a fight to defend Betty and Barney, I appreciate the opportunity to read a letter of support.  They were very outstanding, caring and honest individuals whose primary goal was to improve the human condition.  To have to endure the latest pronouncements that they were "suffering some kind of psychosis" or "on the make" or engaged in "sex with aliens" is difficult indeed.
Best regards,



Hello Hunter,
It is always a very good thing to hear from you.  Succinctly you covered the close-minded skeptics and their small world pretty well.  Anyone who has been at the leading edge of societal change has always drawn fire from behind them.  Gandhi was quoted as saying something like it was better to be in the arena marred with sweat and blood and to strive and fail and/or strive and succeed, as opposed to those who choose to sit safely on the sidelines and offer jeers and criticism, while not being involved themselves in much of anything.  Apologies to Gandhi for the loosely paraphrased text.
The late Col. Phillip Corso is going through the same thing - the detractors really jumped him after he died, and recently I heard a smug Canadian researcher appearing on "Coast-to-Coast AM" say that Corso had all but been discounted by the top UFO researchers - I had to chuckle over that statement of opinion-offered-as-fact.
Keep up your good work, Hunter.  Thank you for counting me as one of your friends.  Right back at `cha.
All the best.
Walk in Beauty, Peace.  Scott
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Among the most popular courses that I regularly taught at University of
North Dakota -- during my many years there -- were Federal Indian Law, Racism
and Hate Groups in America, and Community Organizing [with a special focus
involving Native Americans.] But there was another!  In 1990, when I was
Chair of the Honors Program, students asked me to develop an elective course
on extraterrestrial phenomena.  I did so [three semester hours credit] and,
in the fall semester of that year, it drew almost 200 students from a wide
variety of majors [most undergrads but some for grad credit] -- heavy from
the hard sciences and aerospace studies.  I taught it three more times
[along with a couple of mini versions for the general community -- and also
as a special televised class [for credit].  It was always brimful and the
full semester shots continued to draw a couple of hundred each time -- and
continued to feature undergrad and grad credit. [I can say with pride that
all of my courses were consistently quite full.] We always spent some time
in the ET course on an examination of Earth as ETs might see It/Us and that
dimension early on gave the course the status of fulfilling one of the
Humanities requirements.  At various points, it was sponsored by Honors and
Indian Studies and its final appearance was as Psych 494. [I retired as a
Full Prof at the end of the spring of '94.] 

Hunter Gray



[Sent to the Sycamore list -- with the comment that, while I am not
especially congenial with mindless skeptics, I have no problem at all with
[circumspect] agnostics.

Thanks for your note, Bob.  So I shall add just a bit more.  I [and I am not
alone on this] do see ET visitation as a serious topic -- worthy of careful
study, research, reflection.  Although there are people who may see it as
sinister, actively or potentially so, most of us who have been pretty
involved at various points [along with all of our other priorities] see it
as cautiously friendly.  Again, I am not alone in seeing these visits --
which are not unusual -- and close and direct contacts with humans which are
rare [but not super-rare] -- as a very long term ET project designed to get
us [humanity] attuned to the idea of cosmic neighbors.

Some years ago, a closed and unpublicized three day meeting of about 30
people occurred high up in the rural Rocky Mountain country.  The invitation
list was, frankly, select.  Virtually every person there had a substantial
academic background -- many in the hard sciences -- and all had a
demonstrated record of cool  and careful thinking generally, including with
respect to ET matters. Most knew a few of the others.  The core purpose of
the meeting was to exchange perspectives, even make  predictions.  I was one
of those invited and I was present and active throughout.  One interesting
figure was a retired Major General in the US Army whose forte had been
formally in Intelligence.  The funding and sponsorship of this fascinating
affair were always rather vague but did have, at the point of fiscal
deliverance, a university connection.

I fell into a somewhat unique category: multi-faceted race relations and
activism, considerable background in multi-disciplinary university teaching
and some research, and an actual [with my son, Beba] hour and a half
first-hand encounter with ETs.  There were a couple of other people who had
had comparable direct experiences.

The discussion was totally free-wheeling and sparky.  [The only "outsiders"
were non-communicative servants.]  At appropriate points, I presented my
essential view:  Friendly, cautious visitors -- people similar to ourselves;
fairly rare and selective close-up encounters;  very long-range education.
I made it quite clear, as did everyone else, that these Visitors were not
saviors, angels, devils, supernatural entities, or time travelers.

As far as I know, no comprehensive notes were taken.  We all jotted down
things from time to time.  I saw nothing being recorded.

In the end, there was not complete consensus.  Some people felt there was
definitely a Federal cover-up; others saw the governments of the world as
being much in the dark -- maybe having only more reports at hand than, say,
lay people.  By the time of this meeting, some governments -- such as
France, Belgium, Mexico, China, Russia and the Vatican -- were [and are]
officially sponsoring research into the ET phenomenon.  [But the US and
Canada have never done this openly.]

Some discussed anti-gravity in space travel; others gave informed
speculation on possible ET origin points [e.g., Zeta Reticuli.]

No one saw the ETs as a sinister force.  Some simply viewed  them as
"non-threatening."  Others, such as myself, saw friendly people [albeit very
cautious and wary.]  Several of us felt that, as time passed and such
visitation waxed and waned and waxed again, ET appearances would become,
very carefully, more obvious and designed to be witnessed by many.

I was the only one who spoke on the possibility that, in order to reach
their tech point, the ET culture[s] had to have achieved a careful balance
between individual creativity and collective endeavor -- and probably in a
non-violent context.  Admittedly, that could be tagged a superimposition of
my own  long-standing philosophical wishes -- but, frankly, it does make

I appreciated the mountain view from my own excellent room. Food was truly
great.  And I found the people, one and all, cordial and extremely

But it was very serious.



Hunter speculates: "a very long term ET project designed to get us
[humanity] attuned to the idea of cosmic neighbors."  Very ambitious, or
naive, applied to a globe full of beings that hasn't even got attuned to
those of their own kind who were born on a different patch of that
globe, go to a different church, are a different skin color, or enjoy
different sexual activity.

 - Reber Boult



Well, Reber, while we're cordially speculating, I don't think the ETs are
naive at all.  From what I can gather, they are extremely cautious and
circumspect in dealing in and around our turbulent worldly turf -- and I
think they are very realistic:

First, they seem to know it's going to take a long time even with deliberate
speed.  Secondly, and this "visitation" does seem to have systematically
begun when the world became embroiled in the Second World War [picking up
very noticeably following the onset of our nuclear age], they are well aware
that "we" could enter space in a statistically significant fashion [numbers
and distance] in the foreseeable future; and it makes very good sense to do
some -- [ambitious and effective]  sensitivity work before we become the new
kids on the block.   "Enlightened self interest" can work all sorts of
marvels in bringing the Creator's offspring together.

As something of a relevant aside, I don't think the ETs are involved in the
development of our various cultures. [For example, Native people and Natives
only built the great pyramids of Meso-America.]

Anyway, on this and many other human dimensions, I am optimistic. BTW, hope
you all are finally getting at least some good rain down in the Land of
Enchantment.  We're getting even more hereabouts.

Best, H



There's a novel by Doris Lessing (written, I think, after she moved to
the right) named Shikasta that deals with this in what I found to be a
really interesting way.  The ET's go through much pain to deal with us
denizens of earth but it's important to them (for reasons that I don't

"BTW, hope you all are finally getting at least some good rain down in
the Land of Enchantment."  Abso****inglutely not.  In Albuquerque we, if
I correctly heard the weather report that I never pay much attention to,
are still not up to our first inch of rain this year.  The yearly
average is about 9 inches.  It didn't rain or snow much in most of 2005,
either.  The air's so dry the windshield dries before you can get the
squeegee to it.  The dry heat is evaporateing the rain showers before
they get to the ground.  The globe is warming.  Except in Idaho and

- Reber Boult



Hello Hunter Bear.
It is with glad heart to learn you're still out there, sharing and teaching.  I felt privileged to meet you at a lecture in Lincoln, Nebraska, about the mid 1990s. Though the edges of my memory have softened with time, once in a great while, in my files I see and review, with pleasure, the handout from that lecture.  Again, thank you for the commentary, the thoughtful remarks concerning yourself, your son, the experience you  shared with us from the podium.
Kindest regards,
Gary C. Matteson

The fate of civilization is determined by the honor of a few good
men and by nothing else. If they are not there.... there is no hope.
Dear Gary:
Thanks so very much for your kind comments -- a really nice way to start the day.  I always recall my Nebraska -- and other -- appearances and talks with much fondness.  And we can all be much indebted to the intrepid Scott Colborn, and others such as yourself as well, for keeping us aptly posted in the most contemporary sense on the ET situation.  I do remember meeting you!
I have a hunch that when our Global Madness has subsided, ET visitation will  increase substantially -- and international awareness of our cautiously friendly folks-from-afar will rise accordingly -- and fast.

By all means, let us keep in close touch.


Our very best wishes to you,  Hunter Gray [Hunter Bear]




Dear Professor Salter,

My name is Darin [E.], I'm a '96 graduate of UND.  I took your Indian Studies class for my education majors.  I went to google your name the other day and didn't leave my computer for about two hours...just couldn't step away.  My first intent was to find out more info on the CBS Nightline incident(s).  Now, I'm very happy I was sent elsewhere.  What you have done, to keep it general, has gotten my attention now...I don't know where it will take me, but for now, I'm riding it.  I purchased your Jackson, Mississippi book and plan to read that...FYI-I do not read alot at all, however, I have motivation to read this and learn.  It may be a "in the moment thing", but my pastor said, "never underestimate a brief encounter."  I also read about Cloudy, a small bio, and your battle with Lupus...among other excerpts.  I was at UND for five and half years, and there are a few professors that really stick out to me, you would  be one of them.  I could easily say that it was because of the Nightline experience, but something deeper urges otherwise.  I tend to believe that some people just have "it!"  A small word with a powerful punch.  "It" could mean so many things, but to truly be able to define it is impossible.  Anyways, I have a strong intuition that it wasn't just me remembering you, but everyone around you...cause when you got it, you got it!  Just a final note, my girlfriend is a strong believer in the power of the mind...she reads Deepak Chopra/Dr. Wayne Dyer et al.  She loved how Cloudy was substantially psychic!  I'll chat later...keep fightin' the good fight!   Darin in Champlin, MN


This is a very welcome letter to which I shall respond today.


Although my present circumstances hardly connote the gentle "Mr Chips," I do receive regularly and much appreciate kind words from former students and other friends over many decades. This came today. When Darin refers to "CBS Nightline," I believe he is thinking about "Visitors from the Unknown." This is a very well done presentation on the ET encounters of Travis Walton and friends in Arizona, Officer Alan Godfrey of England, and myself and John III [Beba] in Wisconsin and Illinois. This aired initially and nationally on CBS prime time in May 1991 and was very well received -- and it occasionally still plays. It's also been abroad.

A big plus for us all was/is that it is narrated by James Earl Jones.

See the cast, etc. at;_ylt=Ati5DxULt5IfkoGD8cAu_nGTo9EF




This is a letter that I've sent to a Native lady in Canada, with whom I had previous correspondence some years ago.  She had recently joined some sort of a e-mail discussion list on UFO-related matters.  As a result of her interaction with some of those folks, she had become alarmed about her own experiences.  Thus I immediately wrote to her late last night, responding to specific questions and giving my perspective.  Her response this morning indicates that she is much reassured indeed.  At her request, I am maintaining her name in confidence. Following her initial note a bit earlier, I had given her our website page
Dear X --
Am answering this on a different computer in our home.  It may have earlier mis-fired an empy message to you.
I've read your letter carefully, twice.  I think the most important thing is that you are doing very well with your Life.  And I am sure you will keep right on doing so.
I do know something about ET matters and Close Encounters.  I think the encounters are rare, but not super-rare.  I strongly feel they are part of a long-term sensitization effort by the ETs to gradually acquaint us with the presence of nearby and friendly life beyond our planet and solar system.  I think the ETs are also interested in interesting humans -- including those who are bi-cultural, able to move in several human communities.  And this involves, of course, what's called good "race and cultural relations!"
 I think the ETs are definitely the children of the Creator, and I strongly think, as I've said, that they are friendly but, given the turbulence of Humanity, are understandably cautious.  Around 1988, the Vatican -- and especially the Jesuits -- formally embarked, in a friendly and open fashion, on projects designed to learn as much about all of this as possible, predicated on their [Vatican et al] awareness that the ETs are children of God.  This is still continuing.
In my opinion -- and I have given this a lot of thought -- the people who are frightened by the ETs are doing it to themselves.  Why?
First, some humans are simply afraid of people -- and I and many others see the ETs as people -- who are somewhat "different."  My son and I were not afraid of them, found them as interesting as they found us.  Other humans have said the same thing or, if they were initially surprised and frightened, soon got over it.
Secondly, there has been a great deal of unscrupulous and nonsensical human merchandising on Fear of the ETs.  This began in earnest at the beginning of the 1990s and continued for most of that decade.  It was carried in books, magazines, frightening films, etc.  And again, it was nonsense -- but it made much money.  Some of this involved the Hybrid Scare. [A professor David Jacobs wrote a couple of books on that which were really far out, but got much press.  When he decided he may have been wrong on "hybrids", that was never publicized.]  The people who pushed this scare stuff were not people who, themselves, had had any encounter experiences.  Some did profess to have talked with people who did -- but they interpreted the accounts of those people -- who may or may not have had real experiences -- to fit their own frightening books, etc. 
And again, all of this made money.  And all of it worked its way into the consciousness and unconsciousness of many humans who encountered this far-flung Fear Peddling.  And this in turn could [1] produce scary fantasies by folks who had never, ever, had an ET encounter -- or, [2] could erroneously "color" the impressions, consciously and unconsciously, of some of those who had actually had experiences.  And this is what may very well have happened with you.  A very friendly piece of advice, X -- be careful of ET chat groups.  I am very skeptical of the claimed "realities" and interpretations of most of those folks.
There is the possibility that some of your recent things may actually be flash-backs from somewhat earlier experiences -- "colored", unrealistically, by this ungrounded human-initiated Fear stuff.
Again, the experiences I and my son had, those of Betty and Barney Hill, and those of all of the others from whom we've heard directly, were not marked by any ET hostility whatsoever.  I and many others have consistently said this.  I've written on it -- and, a few years ago, gave a long interview on my experiences and reflections to UFO Magazine [which drew many appreciative comments.]
As I've said, continue to live a happy and productive life.  Enjoy life. You are a very good person.  Keep your eyes -- again as I so often say -- on the Sun and Stars and let your ears listen to the Wind.  And remember that our good spirits go with all of us always -- always and forever.
Our very best, Hunter Gray [Hunter Bear]


Hello Hunter,
I hope this note finds you in good (getting better) health and spirit.  May I have permission to forward this e-mail to a group of people? 
 I'll leave it intact as I received it.
All the best to you and your family.  Scott
By all means forward it, Scott -- and to anyone you wish.  I'm honored.
Great to hear from you!
All best, more soon --  H.



Hello Folks,
I have Hunter Gray's permission to forward this to you.  As always a lucid, thoughtful piece by Hunter Gray.  In this present-day world we encounter at times fear-based chatter, speculation, and opinion-offered-as-fact, swirling around our ankles like a small animal trying to bite us.  I've always found the writing of Hunter Gray to be useful, grounding, and appropriate.  By turning on the lights the darkness and shadows recede and are dispelled.
I'm grateful to call him a friend and colleague.
All the best.  Scott




Dear Hunter,
     I want to express my appreciation to you for forwarding your insightful letter to me.  ET abduction can be an extremely frightening and intrusive experience.  Experiencers are taken against their will by unfamiliar beings and often subjected to intrusive medical procedures.  One's psychosocial background and subjective experience seems to play a significant role in one's individual response to abduction. Although they were not harmed by their captors Betty and Barney Hill exhibited different reactions. Barney, a proud, fearless African American and protector of his family was greatly effected by his inability to take self initiated action in defense of his wife and himself.  Betty, a brave social worker and civil rights advocate, though initially terrified, established a mutually friendly interaction with her captor, "the leader", who apologized for frightening her. 
Best regards,


Dear Hunter,
     Thank-you for staying in touch.  I was deeply moved by your account of the negative treatment you received by some faculty members at UND and by the positive response from students.  I recently addressed the student body at a small college in Vermont and was warmly received.  The lecture hall was filled to capacity and some students listened to my lecture from the adjacent hallway.  When I asked the audience to raise their hands if they believed that at least some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft, a couple of hands shot up.  Within a few seconds, almost every hand in the room went up.  It is good that young people are better informed and more open minded than some of their older authority figures, and that they have the commonsense not to be mislead by the debunkers' false information. 
     I didn't know that UFO Magazine carried an article about you at the turn of the century.  Is it possible to find it online? 
     My very best to you, Eldri and your family. 
Warm regards,
Kathy Marden
NOTE BY HUNTER:  We've mailed Kathy a copy of UFO Magazine [September 2000].
Hello again, Hunter--
I was fascinated by your ET account. Thanks for sending it.  It is consistent with other similar accounts of close encounters, and just as unexplainable.
Whatever the phenomenon is--whether extra-terrestrials or psychic visitors from the extra-dimensional goblin universe--it is something that one will not believe in until they actually experience it. My own UFO experience is not as fascinating as yours. but was impressive enough for me to become much more open minded on the subject.
I was getting ready for work one morning, pre-dawn hours, when I viewed a metallic disc stationary in the sky near a newly erected cell phone tower (yeah, that frigging cell phone tower--obstructed my view of my little portion of the Texas Hill Country!). It was the size of a dime held at arm's length, and was reflecting the rising rays of the sun.  In a flash it was gone, like it had been observed (by me, presumably).
Yes, please stay in touch on this.  Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
Steve Rossignol
They usually try to use this kinda stuff to discredit activists. Most recently in the case of Dem candidate Dennis Kucinich.




Dear Hunter,

I'd heard you had some ET experiences. More power to you for your willingness to talk about it. My mind is pretty open about such things: the universe is so vast there must surely be intelligent life "out there" somewhere.

For what it's worth, I think logic dictates that if there are ETs they must be friendly. For a species to reach such an advanced level of technology they could travel here from a distant planet, they surely would've evolved into pacifists; otherwise they would've destroyed themselves long ago.

Relatedly, it is also quite understandable why ETs would study us as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry's prime directive is fictional, but it is based on some very sound sociological thinking. The logic of the prime directive is that ETs would be wrong to introduce inappropriate technology to a planet not yet morally ready for it.

live long and prosper!




Hello Hunter !
I'm confirming your date choice of Saturday morning, March 21st, 2009.  Your guest segment is approximately 10:25 - 11:25 am Central Time (9:25 - 10:25 am Mtn time).
In case of emergency, the KZUM studio line during the "EUP" program is 402-474-5086.
Use whichever of your phones that allows your voice to be the loudest, so we get a good signal for broadcast.  I've had some people lately that we've had to ask to speak up because they were speaking so softly that we couldn't get much of a signal to broadcast.
Your friends, family and fans can listen live via .  The "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program is hosted by Scott Colborn and Cathy Behrns, and has been on-air on  Saturday mornings since 1984.  Your program will be archived and available to the public free of charge, beginning at 12 noon Sunday March 22nd, at .  It will remain on the archive website for about 40 weeks.
As always I'll look forward to our phone conversation.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.  The Colborn clan is doing well.
All the best.
Walk in Beauty, Peace.  Scott

Host of the "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program, Saturdays 10 - 11:30 am Central Time, on KZUM 89.3 FM, Lincoln, NE, and worldwide via .  Archived for listening and Pod-casting on , with a link to a free pod-catcher utility here: .

NOTE BY HUNTER [MARCH 21 2009]:  I had a fine, most enjoyable time today on Scott's fine radio program.  I've been on it several times over the past years.  In addition, I've spoken on the ET topic at Lincoln and under his auspices in 1992, 1993, and 2003.  I am always very pleased to join with Scott.



Dear Hunter,
     I was sorry to hear about your computer problems.  It had to be a terribly frustrating day, especially when you suspect that an intelligence agency is involved.
     I want to thank-you for the September 2000 copy of UFO Magazine.  Sean Casteel wrote a fascinating article about you and your experiences, and the photos and photocopies were superb. 
     Have you read the article that Sean wrote about Captured!.  It appeared in the October 2007 issue of UFO Magazine?  If you haven't read it, I'll send a photocopy to you.
Very best regards,





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