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NOTE BY HUNTER BEAR:   January 1, 2007

We view this as a most important page.  It will certainly be updated as needed.   Our Lair of Hunterbear website contains much indeed on my to-date long career as an activist social justice organizer.  There is considerable material on my family background and myself -- and a key dimension of that is contained in the Special Tribute which includes, among other components, statements from dozens of colleagues and friends over my long life sojourn.  Early on there is the kind statement given by Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson [a Tougaloo College grad] which he presented as a tribute to me -- to the United States Congress on February 10, 2004.  The Tribute Link is

And see our very contemporary web page:


Before we start this account off in earnest, this is the kind statement, given with respect to me by good Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson before the United States Congress in 2004.  It's worth noting that Mr. Thompson is Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee.  Congressman Thompson is a good person indeed.

From Bennie G. Thompson -- Mississippi Congressman -- in Tribute Remarks before United States House of Representatives:


(February 10, 2004)


Mr. THOMPSON of Mississippi. Mr. Speaker, I would like to recognize Hunter
Gray, a civil rights activist involved in the southern movement from the
summer of 1961 to the summer of 1967.

Hunter Gray, formerly John Salter, took the name of his Native American
family some years ago and has been one of the Nation's most ardent advocates on behalf of Native rights. He was recently diagnosed with a severe and possibly fatal case of lupus that has also brought on a bad case of diabetes.

John Salter was very active with the Jackson, Mississippi, NAACP and boycott [1963]. He was in the trenches with Medgar Evers and others during the civil rights movement from 1961 until Evers was assassinated.  He also wrote a book titled, Jackson, Mississippi: An American Chronicle of Struggle and Schism (1979).

Hunter Gray's commitment to civil rights has continued throughout the years. He and his wife Eldri, who has been a partner in the struggle for equality for 40 years, now live in Idaho. He has been hospitalized several times over the past few months , and his medication and hospitalization costs are very expensive. Many of his friends are organizing a testimonial and fund-raiser to let him know how grateful we are to him for his many sacrifices and contributions to civil rights, Native American and labor causes.

For further information on Hunter Gray, I refer you to his widely read Web
site at
Hunter Gray has left a formative mark on the shape of Mississippi history.
I thank him for his service to civil rights and to Mississippi. I ask that
you keep him in your prayers and meditations.




We seem to have once again become the focus of consistent and surreptitious
surveillance in Idaho.  [After all, I am one of the few, maybe about the
only, open -- I say open -- "Resident Radical" in this generally pleasant and appealing
setting.]  More on the latest in a few moments -- but first some background:

Our Organizer's Trail has been indeed a "Romany Trail" -- a "long, long
trail 'a winding."  In the Summer of '97, we came here to our 'way up  home on
the far western "frontier" edge of Pocatello, Idaho:   a town embracing about
65,000  folks in its "metro area."  No sooner did we arrive than we were
greeted by widespread harassment from so-termed lawmen.  This appeared to be
conducted under the Bill Clinton-sponsored "anti-terrorism task forces"
involving Feds and state and local cops. And it certainly had just plain
racist implications. We made protests at many levels, launched organizing
and advocacy projects, spoke at various gatherings, and stayed stubbornly
right here -- where we remain and will continue to remain until Hell

Some of this rank defamation originated at North Dakota and its collateral human dimensions. 
We had lived there for sixteen years -- until our return to the Mountain West in 1997.
For thirteen years I had taught at the University of North Dakota where  I was a Full
Professor in American Indian Studies, former Department Head, former Chair of the
Honors Program, and a member of the Graduate Faculty.  I was also very consistently
and vigorously involved at all points -- as I have been all of my life -- in regional
social justice community organizing.  Much of this involved Native American
rights. I won a number of awards, including the annual State Martin Luther King, Jr.
Human Rights Award in 1989 -- from the North Dakota State King Commission and
Governor George Sinner.  While we made a vast number of good friends in North
Dakota, many of whom remain in close contact to this very moment, we also
made some venomous enemies -- as we have in other social justice arenas.

And, as so frequently the case in matters of this kind, they all scattered -- and

scatter -- their poisonous seeds in the most cowardly and surreptitious fashion.

For something of an outline of my career in

North Dakota -- where both Eldri and I have old "frontier" roots and many cousins -- see


We certainly publicized it on our now huge Lair of Hunterbear website, -- launched at the very beginning of 2000.

Some of the flavor from that epoch is reflected in this from early 2001:

Early 2001 [Hunter Bear]:

"But, no sooner did we arrive [in Idaho], than it became clear that my
reputation as a "known agitator" had preceded me.  Police began almost immediate
surveillance.  We began having weird phone problems -- sometimes with a
crudeness reminiscent of our civil rights years in the Deep South.  Heavy
mail delays -- including innumerable stalled and sometimes opened Priority
packages -- became commonplace. [Three detailed complaints on my part to
regional postal inspectors at Seattle have gone unanswered, unacknowledged.]
Our garbage has been surreptitiously searched.  Idaho State University --
here at Pocatello -- has fled  whenever I've sounded it out about part-time
teaching.  All of these -- and much much more -- including harassing phone
calls -- are continuing.

But with only an exception or two, our immediate neighbors  -- people who've
gotten to know us on a personal basis -- are friendly and fine."


We kept at it and, in time , 2002 and 2003, some of this -- not all of it --
began to fade.  But since about a year ago, there has been a definite
resurgence.  This may stem in part from the fact that I have been giving, on
a fairly consistent basis, social justice talks to large audiences in the
general region.  Here is a brief report from about four months ago

Mid-August 2006 [Hunter Bear]:

"Since this past late winter, we have been having strange
problems with our telephones and especially computers -- leading us to
wonder if the older patterns of  some "lawmen"  harassment which
greeted us upon our arrival in Idaho in the summer of '97 may, at least in
some part, be resuming. Footprints in the snow appeared in our back yard
area -- obviously a night thing -- and, a couple of nights later, Cameron
[with Josie] driving up to our place, spotted a man coming out of our back
area and climbing over our fence and quickly disappearing.  There have been
a number of other odd things, including  midnight visits to our main power
pole on the edge of our  darkened property.  There has been some
Well, hard to tell, but we do think something is underway.

Our neighbors have certainly always been most friendly and supportive."


And now -- late December, 2006:  [HUNTER BEAR]

My computer problems -- and it's a very solid machine -- have substantially
increased on several tech fronts.  E-messages that have been sent to me
have, on a few occasions at least, not made it through and some of my
messages have simply disappeared immediately after my composing them -- or
the cursor has frozen while I am writing.  Weird telephone calls -- both at
our cell phone and our unlisted main phone -- have become commonplace.  Some
conversations are hardly audible --  again, as per the Old Days in the Deep

We always maintain complete state-of-the-art Norton and related
protection for our computers -- and our website.

An interesting case in point occurred at the end of this last October, when
a son of mine, his wife, and several children came from Nebraska for a very
pleasant week-long visit. Arriving at Pocatello at midnight, and not wishing
to disturb us at that hour, they  took out a motel and then e-mailed both my
wife, Eldri, and myself at our separate computers.  Neither of us ever
received that message.  And then, a few days later, when my son and I had a
long breakfast and visit at Perkins, a man immediately came in behind us,
seated himself a few seats from us, and obviously observed us for an hour or
so.  Within a minute after we had left, he came out of the restaurant and,
seated in his vehicle, made a telephone call.

So, it's the Same Old Thing -- and many indeed in both this country and
Canada [among others] are experiencing this police state stuff.  The FBI,
according to my FOIA retrievals of 3,000 or so file documents [not counting
at least a hundred pages presently denied me on grounds of "national
security"] developed an acute interest in my doings when I was barely into
my '20s and formally listed me on several of its "high priority" rosters.
The retrieved documents go through the 1970s -- and only God and the Justice
Department  know how many more there are at this point.  [In addition, of
course, I have secured hundreds of pages from the old and very long-gone
Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission -- a kind of "secret police/spy
agency" that flourished from the latter '50s into the '70s.]

So this is nothing new.  We Keep On, Keeping On.  Given the transparency of
this Idaho-related stuff, it seems clear that the "point-persons" in this
bizarre project are essentially local "entities" -- but, of course, with a
Federal umbrella and endorsement.

And, through all of this, our good neighbors continue to be genuinely
pleasant in all respects.  And so do many others in this great state.

We are sticking right here.  Now and Forever.


Suffice it to say that this endemic "spying" situation is continuing -- as we assume it will into the present-era future.

At this point, we have [1] taken the appropriate steps to safeguard ourselves, our house, and our grounds; and [2] quietly made some basic and initial moves to [in due course] ensure functional privacy with respect to such matters as our computers, telephones, and postal mail. 

Please note related information on the just above Link, "Hunter Gray in New West Magazine" [with reference, among  many other things, to Idaho State University.]  Note, too, the very apt comments, by our good Finnish friend Jyri Kokkonen, on both this page and the New West page -- regarding  Surveillance Bird Dogs [Stasi, KGB, et al.] and crudely obvious "spy" approaches generally.

And, to be brutally candid, much of this Pocatello-area surveillance/harassment has been almost unbelievably transparent.  It reminds us of the crudity of the old Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission -- the Magnolia spy agency set up in 1957 to maintain "State's Rights" and "Racial Integrity"  -- i.e., racial segregation.  That outfit became functionally dead in 1973 and was finally killed by the state legislature a few years later.

Much more on all of this in due course.

Our aforementioned problems, here at Pocatello Idaho in "Free America", continue.  Recently we called Qwest [formerly U.S. West] and talked of our relatively consistent and strange telephone and computer difficulties.  A man was sent who spent the better part of an hour going over things and doing a little Whatever.  He eventually told us that all was now OK, but then waited in his service pickup right outside our home for half an hour -- and then called us [from just outside] and said that "they" had to do "something" downtown at the phone company offices.  He said it would take only fifteen minutes or so.  He called from "downtown" two and half hours later, gave a rather involved and not-clear explanation, but said, once again, that everything was fixed.
Things ran well for three days and then the problems began again.  We once again called Qwest, a man came who spent some time outside -- but then said another person would have to come, from downtown, one day hence.  That Qwest person did come -- primarily, apparently, to check out the DSL connection -- but then said he had to go "down" somewhere.  So he went down and, in time told us things would be fine.
Problems are still continuing.  My computer is a large and essentially new one. State of the Art in all respects.  Nothing wrong with it or its collateral connections.
"Downtown" sounds right interesting indeed!  [The workmen who came may well be quite OK themselves.  After all, they are CWA union members -- and I'm UAW.]  But, again, the Mysterious Downtown . . .
And every week we learn, as do other reasonably informed people, that government and government-related spying is rife across our land.  It's obviously going on here -- with us, for sure -- as it has off and on since 1997.  As crudely done as it is, we continue to see it as operating under a Federal umbrella, but  managed and manipulated by locals.  Perhaps they need people like ourselves to "justify" their Federal grant funds.
We are encouraged by the growing concern nationally -- including at the Congressional level -- about colossal governmental incursions into personal privacy.  So we will continue, in the context of that concern, to deal further with this situation.
Hunter Gray [Hunter Bear]


On this very early morning, the interference has become, even for this bizarre situation, almost unbelievably crude: three computer freeze-ups and the "theft/disappearance" of one message from Outlook Express [while it was being shifted to drafts].  As is almost always the case, these episodes occur at key points during my research/writing work.  We note and forward these in appropriate fashion.  We will have more on this soon.  H.


The following is now going to several thousand people -- and it will go to even more:


To Our Many Friends at the Four Directions:  5/26/07

This is a personal report on our long-standing experiences as targets of
governmental "security" surveillance in Idaho. We are taking our own
appropriate steps but we could use your kind assistance.  Thus this is  a
request that, if you are so inclined, you forward this -- literally -- to
anyone and anything you feel might be interested. in this matter.  We
suggest that -- since a vast number of people are in a situation analogous
to ours, you examine your own circumstances and make appropriate protests.

This Link covers all of our basics to the present moment:

[Duel in the Shadows:  Idaho Harassment at Pocatello.]
Fraternally and In Solidarity -- and Fighting,

Hunter Gray [Hunter Bear]


"Things" continue to occur -- and occasionally the twists are weird:


A few days ago, I chanced to walk around a corner of our 'far up home -- a
corner close to the end of a paved road but partially concealed via a few
trees. Only one small window is on that side of our house and the whole
neighborhood area, at night, is totally dark. One stretch of our fence is on
that side -- but it's relatively small. [We have protective motion-detector
floodlights in front of our home but not on the sides.] But anyway --

I was greeted by two large stunningly bright red circles on the lawn -- each
at least three feet in diameter -- and each completely colored [red],
through and through. They looked very much like basic target designs of some
sort. Couldn't be vandalism, I immediately figured, since those kinds of
people would just hurriedly splash paint, or whatever, on the close by side
of our house. The only kind of thing that would fit would be some weird kind
of hostile symbolism -- not unusual in our situation which, during the ten
years we have been here, has been characterized by various forms of open and
surreptitious surveillance, and harasssment. [For a quick outline of just
some of that, see our recent

But the circles do indeed resemble targets of a sort. And one thinks, Red
Targets -- or Target Red.

Nothing more seems to have occurred -- but we do keep an eye and an ear
open. Virtually all of our neighbors are -- and have been consistently -- 
very friendly always. But there have been enemies from beyond our little far
up area -- especially those Of The Night.

Shortly after I spotted these Oddities, we had a rare heavy rain -- about an
inch and a half. Virtually all of the Red washed away, though a purplish
residue remains.

No great big thing -- we have had much worse in other settings in the years gone
by -- but worth a mention on this languid day, our 46th wedding anniversary.

Fighting on, Hunter [Hunter Bear]



Strange things continue.  [There have not been, however, any more of the
crude, red "target circles."  Although our telephones carry unlisted
numbers, we often receive calls with no discernible caller on the other end
and with our Caller ID indicating "blocked caller."

Computer freeze-ups are not uncommon -- especially when I'm writing
something that could be seen as "sensitive" in nature. [I do save everything
as I go along.]

There have been recurrent instances of my sending a message, then checking
my "Sent" mailbox, and finding no record of its going out.  Sometimes, it
mysteriously returns to Sent, sometimes not.

Not long ago, a detailed back-and-forth e-mail discussion occurred between
myself and friends in another state who are coming over for a visit with us.  One
of my messages died en route and was never received by them; a few days
later, one of theirs failed to reach me.  We shifted to our telephones.
This is far from the only time that messages have simply up and disappeared.

Major developments are presently much underway in Washington, DC, with
respect to much needed and substantive reform in the whole matter of
clandestine surveillance -- especially as this affects United States
citizens.  We are certain that our own lengthy Pocatello experiences as Target in
this vein have been and will continue to be useful to those forces which
believe, as we do, that the Constitution of our country, and our
fundamentally democratic ethos, must always remain sacrosanct and vital.

And when our dogs bark occasionally at very strange times of night, and
although we recognize that there can be many prosaic reasons for this, we
are glad that I am a life-long hunter and a very capable marksman indeed.


AND A NOTE:  Computer problems via outside interference still continuing

in mid-November 2007. -- H


The computer glitches [generally freeze-ups when I'm writing, sending,

or copying something] are becoming blatant.  All of these things, since our
arrival here in Pocatello in the summer of 1997, have been marked by
crudity -- malicious and stupid and obvious in nature. It's clear that this is
managed and carried out locally under some highly dubious "color of law." 
And probably to justify the receipt of Federal grant monies. There are now
Federal investigations into these incursions into the privacy of American citizens 
underway out of Washington DC.  These investigations
did not exist during the first period -- the Clinton period.  But, step by step, they
are now forming and moving.  We are sure that a [legal] Reckoning will be coming
for these goons. [And I don't use  terms like that lightly.]
Hunter Gray, November 17, 2007



DECEMBER 14 2007:  For virtually a year, this specific page -- Duel in the Shadows -- has been consistently sent to appropriate individuals in both public and private sectors and to certain civil rights / civil liberties  organizations.  Long before the inception of this specific page, we have kept the foregoing dimensions well apprised of our situation here in Pocatello and Idaho in general.  We know very well how to function in a context that is not secure with respect to privacy rights.  [After all, in my quite long social justice activist life and career, I've been through my own Arizona scene -- to say nothing of later settings such as Mississippi and the Deep South generally, Chicago, and much, much more.  [As Martin King once put it so well, "I may not be a lawyer, but I have had a great deal to do with lawyers."]  Our legal contacts, especially in such places as Washington, DC and New York, and San Francisco -- and elsewhere -- are quite solidly up-to-date on all counts.  And we have known that, with an exception here and there, "local" attorneys in places such as Pocatello and Idaho in general cannot be counted on to initiate "bold" litigation in civil rights/civil liberties matters.  Later, when an appropriate proceeding [or proceedings] is/are formally launched by lawyers "from afar", a capable regional attorney is frequently willing to join the effort.

Local crudities, such as those here at Pocatello, are certainly significant and actionable in their own right.  [And we "always remember."] But the real focus lies in Washington, DC -- which clearly relates to our situation right here.
In short, we do know precisely that which we are doing -- and doing quite effectively in an appropriately secure context.
Hunter Gray



At this point, all of the aforementioned indications of external monitoring
of our computer system are continuing in an obviously discernible fashion.
In addition, there have been, in the past few weeks, clear indications of
external tampering with our postal mail -- in a fashion quite reminiscent of
the problems we faced for several years after our arrival here at Pocatello,
Idaho in 1997.  Here is a clear example:

A good friend, Mohawk, Professor Brian Rice of Winnipeg, Manitoba e-mailed
me before this just past Christmas, asking if I knew where my book -- 
Jackson, Mississippi -- could be found.  He wanted a copy.  He's a fine
friend so, as soon as I got his message, I indicated via e-mail we were
air-mailing him a copy as a gift that very day:  December 19 2007.

Eldri mailed it at mid-day on that date at our usual branch post office: Air Mail/Par Avion -- with the
usual green customs tag properly completed.  She was told the book would
likely reach its destination in a week or so.  [It's worth noting that the
Canadian postal system has a fine reputation.]

Today, January 8,  I received this message from Brian. It is dated January 7,
"Hi Hunter,

The book just came in. I can't wait to read it. The mail must have been

Thanks again,



Basically, all of the foregoing examples of invasion of privacy in our situation are continuing.  This involves interference with our computer functions -- and it seems very probable, for example, that our cursor etc. is "wired." Both our Norton protection [which includes firewall] and our server report concerted efforts to "dig" even deeper into our computer operations -- but these efforts have been quite effectively rebuffed. There are strange calls on our unlisted telephone as well as on our cell phone.  We do not believe that our postal mail service is secure.  We are doing that which we need to do on all fronts -- step by step.  And we are much encouraged by legislative and political developments vis-a-vis our Federal government.  Much more on all of this in due course.

Humor -- even that sardonic in nature  -- can be a little difficult in our times.  But this that I posted a few days ago is worth reading:

Idaho State University, based here at Pocatello, is about an average sized state higher ed school -- maybe about 12,000 students [including part-timers.] Like too many academic institutions these days, it's chary of "controversy" and has a variety of veiled measures to "keep that out."  After our almost eleven years here, ISU -- or at least certain administrative quarters thereof -- continues to quietly block any official speaking appearances by me. I've been the featured speaker at a number of signal events in this region -- some really pretty "respectable" --  and have been interviewed a number of times by thoughtful and respectful media folks.  A little over a year ago, ISU let it slip that, in their opinion, I'm "too radical."  Anyway, their social justice stuff is not especially stirring. I will say that both Josie and Thomas got a good academic foundation at ISU. She is an LSW social worker, he's now on the brink of his fourth year of med school at University of Minnesota [Minneapolis.]
But, of course, they got their social justice from Our Family.
Well, ISU can't keep everyone out.  Regional tv news have all reported that yesterday, March 28 2008, three -- three -- mountain lions visited the campus, just looking around.  It's a little unusual to have three in an entourage, but likely the lions felt they needed a little protection-in-numbers during their stroll in the Groves of Academe.  This campus investigation by the Big Kitties created a stir.  Untroubled by that,  the lions eventually and in leisurely fashion wandered back into the wild open country .
Can't say I blame them for leaving. Most likely they felt the place was just too damn tame. Might have even thought it was a caged zoo.
Yours, H

And to this, Dale Jacobson, an old teaching colleague of mine at University of North Dakota, observes:

Yeah, Hunter, you nailed it! I can certainly understand why they would want to travel in a small squad. Their sense of solidarity is evidence of a good sense academics generally lack, though the latter are not reluctant to join together as a rabble against the wild imagination that can see the world beyond. I have a little poem: A Canadian thistle on the university campus!

There's hope.

Among my best friends have been the cats I've known. The 18th century poet, Christopher Smart, has a long lovely poem in praise of his cat.


JUNE 18 2008:

Although there have been a few relatively brief respites in this obvious pattern of computer monitoring and surveillance, things of that sort are occurring with relative consistency -- including at present: freeze-up glitches, disappearing "sent" messages from me, some messages sent to me that never arrive, and other things.

A few days ago, Josie [our youngest] and her Cameron, spotted a strange circular metal piece on the far upper end of my Jeep Cherokee's hood -- on the driver's side.  It's magnetized, rather shiny, about the size of a dime, and its underside is perforated with tiny holes.  It was also securely taped on.  They removed it and we have it in a safe place, a possible exhibit of tangible nature.

This is the 45th anniversary of the rigged auto wreck at Jackson, Mississippi -- 1963 -- that followed by a week the night-time assassination of our good friend and colleague, Medgar W. Evers.  My vehicle was completely totaled and I and a companion riding with me were seriously injured, coming within a hair's breadth of death.

But we survived that -- as I have survived other things before and since.  I always keep fighting -- now and forever.

Hunter [Hunter Bear]


Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
 and Ohkwari'


For a long time since the previous report, June 18 2008, our computer difficulties and other weird things of obviously conscious external origin continued pretty consistently.  On August 19 2008, I sent a letter regarding all of this to Congressman Bennie Thompson, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee.
Things continued in the usual vein.  Then, in December, we had -- even for us -- an unusual day.  I posted on it and I quote that in full:
NOTE BY HUNTER BEAR:  [December 8 2008]
"It's very early in the morning here -- I arose shortly after midnight -- and I am staying up at least until 5 am Mountain Time to call our grandson/son, Thomas [well into his final year of Med School], to make certain he's awake in Minneapolis. [That's at his request.]  Sky, who awakened with me, has now given up and returned to slumberland, in the fashion of the great Cloudy.
Issues abound in the world like the needles of a vast forest of Ponderosa Pine but, with all due respect to those challenges, I'm going to kill a little time and recite the high points of the most difficult day -- yesterday -- that we've ever had computer wise and website wise. As is generally known to our List readership, we've had no end of problems in that vein [as we once did with our conventional postal mail.]  Not everyone in these parts is a friend.
There are more than 3,000 known pages in my FBI files -- and several hundred in those once held by the old Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission.  Early on, I posted a very small number of representative pages from these witch-hunting days on our website, and they're visited with some regularity.
Our problems yesterday began late in the morning when I decided to give a cluster of four website pages, each containing several FBI reports and such, more prominence in our website directory/index.  Before I did that, I decided to add a little comment to one of those from the Albuquerque FBI office which, via a Gallup agent, sought in 1979 to confuse me with a mentally disturbed war veteran [apparently named John R Satter] in a quite denigrating context.  When a few years later, via FOIA, I secured those documents, I wrote an angry letter to the FBI Special Agent in charge of my "collection" and a long and cold two page letter to William Webster, FBI Director.  Mr Webster did not respond but, before long, I received word from the FBI that that stuff had been removed from my file as a corrective measure.  A small but welcome victory.
When I tried to publish the page with my background info on the Albuquerque effort to defame and discredit me and some matters related to that, the computer began -- even for it -- a significant number of glitch/freezeups which necessitated a manual shut-down and subsequen turn-on.  When, with much difficulty, I got it [and the other three pages with minor additions published], I relaxed.  But in due course, something told me to check the pages for accuracy.  I did and the two page letter to Director Webster had disappeared into thin air.
I am, frankly, at my peak best in any crisis -- and this was obviously one. I was joined by the fairthful Maria.  It proved impossible to pull the Webster letter from our Front Pages photo arrangement and, after many attempts, we scanned the original and placed it on the page.  When we tried to publish the page, which should have gone routinely, we couldn't. 
Then the power went off in our house -- no inclement weather outside [and this is a rare occurrence even amidst the worst storms.]  Eventually, that came back on but, although two other computers in our bailiwick [one used by Maria's youngest, Samantha], returned to normalcy right away, it was fifteen minutes before mine did.
We called our website's server.  After a Kafkaesque half hour, during which he gave us various numbers to install on our front pages username and password, we finally got the Webster letter published and the heading/link to the little cluster of pages up high on our index/directory.
But when we went to the internal page that lists our several hundred URLs, we found that it was now jampacked with "new things" that were really quite old -- all sorts of titles from old documents/ "saved" emails.  Josie's first resume was listed.  None of these had any content but to say that it was cluttering in nature is understatement for sure.  When I would click a heading, I'd get our most current Outlook Express. To get into our web page listing, we had each time a long cumbersome password ritual.  The regular webpages were fine and the published website was normal.
Another person at our website tech could, in the end, offer no explanation.
Maria and I gave up on him, politely.  We decided that, in some mysterious fashion, the old superfulous material with our previous server which had
disappeared when we republished our website with the new one [July 2006] had somehow returned.
By this time it was 6 pm.  It was reasonable for me to say F___k it, for now.
When I awoke at 12:30 am, and checked things, it had all returned to normal.  [There have been a couple of freezeups while writing this very letter.] It seems reasonable to deduct that the last tech man brought someone in who, while we slept, straightened things out.  Josie's old resume title et al are gone, the regular pages remain just fine, and there is no cumbersome password etc ritual.
If anyone is interested in the little FBI sample, here's the basic link:
I should add that it proceeds in atypical fashion for our usually linear website.  The link will take you to the last page initially and you can see the other three pages by simply doing a "previous" for three or so times, simply moving backward.  The reason for this is simply that the final page in the cluster -- Witch Hunt Continues -- has been for many years the lead or almost the lead URL when you Google-in Southern Conference Educational Fund.  Thus it's a well established link to our website and worth using.
As I say, there are 3,000 or so pages in my known FBI files -- plus perhaps a hundred they refuse to release on grounds of "national security."  This sampling is, again, a tiny representative cluster.
So, in awhile, I'll call our good Thomas -- maybe sack out after that.  But crises bring out my best, and I feel fine.
When I called and awakened Thomas the other morn, he was barely with the world.  I asked him a test question, "Who won the battle of Little Big Horn?"
There was only a very brief pause.  Then he came to -- with, "We did."
So I gave him a mental "A."
Hunter [Hunter Bear]  "
Of course, our family voted for Barack Obama.
About two weeks before his inauguration, our computer returned to a "normal" we'd virtually not experienced since at least February, 2006.  That apparent normalcy was maintained until the early part of March when, in erratic fashion, things yet again began to occur.  Now, March 17, matters have been normal for the past several days.
New and friendly winds are blowing in Washington, DC.  It's going to be very interesting.

Hunter Gray [Hunter Bear]  March 17 2009


April 3 2009: [Hunter Bear]  Posted.  For background:

I'm continuing to have a good deal of difficulty from time to time in
receiving posted messages. Some are taking 'way too long to reach me. A few never reach me at
all.. Now and then when I send a message, it doesn't show in the "Sent"
box -- as though it's been spirited away.

Some of these problems stem, we're certain, from off and on [but still
pretty consistent] external thrusts from local "lawmen" foes functioning "under
color of law." These maneuvers have occurred on several fronts since we came here
to Pocatello in late July 1997.They have the subtlety of a "hog trying to teach
Sunday School."

Frankly, they are so blatant that one wonders if the motives are harassment, not "intelligence-gathering.'

Some days ago, we had weird computer power outages and then one morning I
had to re-boot my computer three times to finish a short post: glitch freeze-ups
and cursor-eaten words.

Significantly, problems often arise if I am typing what "right wingers"
might call a "subversive" message!

And there's more.

My computer is  OK. Our other computer in our kitchen, which I
sometimes use, has had strange things occur -- especially when I'm using

Thus far, I at least, have seen no evidence of the Obama administration's
 commitment to end illegal wiretapping against people -- including
American citizens.

Hunter [Hunter Bear]

MAY 2 2009:

It remains all too obvious that the previous patterns of surveillance and harassment are continuing unabated -- certainly so in our case and most likely in many others.  Among other things, it's yet again clear that our personal mail is often being  intercepted.


Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'
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I have always lived and worked in the Borderlands.
And for a good feel for some of the civil liberties challenges faced by an effective
organizer, see this cluster of four related pages covering late '50s to late '70s:


Dale Jacobson, a very old friend from the University of North Dakota epoch, comments:

Curious, Hunter. One interesting thing: not likely to be any standard
paint from a spray can, as neither oil base or latex would wash away so
easily. It wasn't chalk? A water paint would wash away, but generally
water paint doesn't come in any kind of spray can that I'm aware of.
Unless for special hobby purposes? Of what practical purpose?
Utilities use a kind of dissolvable chalky mark, but why circles, which
I've never noticed them use for anything? Curious   -- Dale

And from Hunter:  Nothing utility-wise in the specific setting involved.


Jyri Kokkonen comments -- and very aptly so:

Dear Hunter Gray,

Truly strange to hear about the red circles. Doesn't really sound like vandalism. Maybe someone is trying to make you feel uneasy, but there's something stupid about it. A lot of effort for a symbolic (?) gesture of animosity. Or maybe some village idiot with nothing better to do, and someone else putting him up to it. Apparently the paint was water-soluble, and some of it may have leached into the soil. An analysed sample might reveal more about the substance used, whether its toxic or other things and thus might reveal more about the mischief. But it's weird all the same.
All the best,


We have received a fair number of comments -- some e-mail and some otherwise -- with respect to Duel in the Shadows and this Idaho situation.  In one, an old friend and activist civil rights and civil liberties attorney [R.B.], indicated he is appropriately forwarding my material.  Here is a relevant excerpt from my response to him:
"Thanks very much, R.  I much appreciate your thoughtfulness.  I do think it's important for ACLU to be aware of what's happening. . . .
We seem to have made it through this most difficult 2006 with most of us here intact. 
I will keep you posted.  Always very good to hear from you."
As Ever, H  [Hunter]


And from another very old friend, Mary Ann Hall Winters, a fomer student and a loyal activist in the Jackson Movement, is this excerpt which recalls life in another police state atmosphere where there are some parallels with our current challenges:
Mr. Salter,
After reading only a couple of paragraphs of this e-mail [Duel in the Shadows], I immediately thought back about all the Drama, bomb threats, etc. @ Tougaloo  in the 60s , even before you wrote the same thing. It is unbelievable that this kind of behavior /activity continues in 2006 . Take care of yourselves and  " Watch It ".
Have to get back to work . Just wanted to wish you, Mrs. Salter and other family members A Happy New Year. I'll return to work on 1/2/07.

Mary Ann [Mary Ann Hall Winters]

Hi, Hunter,

 Good to hear from you.  I hope you and Eldri and all members extended family are doing well. Particular greetings to friends in fur, feathers, scales, and leaves from this person.

 In re the below and the duel in the shadows – my take on it is mercantile.  You get a mess of impoverished little towns and cities around the country and the feds start offering them money and jobs for something.  What do you think will happen?  Of course.  So there is no circumventing the high probability that while the empire is crumbling the imperial forces will prop up some communities financially.  We saw this in Czarist Russia and the Stalinist era Soviet Union too. 

 So the surveillance jobs are just going to be around awhile, until they get defunded. 

 Now as to how much of a target you are – hell, you’re probably the only big game for miles around.  These blockheads have nothing else to do. Except maybe surveillance on the Fort Hall res and the Coeur d’Alene res looking for “illegal” immigrants.

 What will they do to you? 

 Not a damn thing.  Just bug you, make life unpleasant. 

 My advice:  don’t take bait.

 How long will this last?  Maybe a couple more years.  That’s my call on it.  I could be wrong. But I don’t think Congress will fund this crap much longer.


 Martha  [Martha Elizabeth Ture]


Thanks, Martha, for your three good messages -- and I will look for the book you recommend.  When I finally got my 3,000 or more FBI pages under FOIA/PA -- they stretched from the latter '50s to 1979 -- I felt like a one person "public works program."  That could, for sure, be my role now in Poky and environs.  Well, whatever, I have survived much and seem to be handling the Lupus pretty effectively -- walking a lot regularly -- and we will certainly survive this.  You sound as much like green chili as ever.  We fight on together!
Our very best to you all -- H.


[There has been much additional correspondence on all of this -- via both e-mail and conventional mail.  We are not inclined, for good reasons, to reprint any of that publicly at this time.  H. ]

Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
 and Ohkwari'

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