FAMILY CONTINUITY [Children & Grandchildren]   Continued


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Idaho, 1999. The rugged high hill country immediately above our 'way up house.  On the left, grandson Thomas and Maria's youngest, Samantha.  John and his two oldest, Bret and Sawyer.  Up on the far right:   a very special super-hill/super-ridge.


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"The Golden Horde" [from the army of Jenghiz Khan] -- Peter's three,  very rambunctious boys:  Jack, Scott, and Hunter.   With our dear friend, Susan Mary Power (Standing Rock Sioux.)  The daughter of our very old friends indeed, Susan Kelly Power and the late Carleton Power, Susan Mary is the author of the well received 1994 novel, The Grass Dancer [Putnam] and the forthcoming novel, Strong Heart Society [Putnam.]  At Susan's St. Paul home, 1999.


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