NOTE BY HUNTER BEAR:  February 10  2007

This is a re-run of a post I made eight months ago.  It does take on especial relevancy at this point -- given the ostensible rise of Hillary Clinton and her substantive "media rush" via certain news channels.  I have seven firearms, two of which remain loaded. We have very fine neighbors here in Eastern Idaho -- but not every human is a friend. [I should add that we get along very congenially with the quite nearby mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, wolves et al.]  At this point, we personally tilt toward Obama and Edwards but I at least will go "third party" if Hillary gets the Demo nomination.  In Solidarity, H


While CNN worries extensively and frequently quite inaccurately [e.g.,
Anderson Cooper] about a region and topic of which it obviously knows very
little -- the Intermountain West and polygamy -- and frets that most Local
People [wisely] won't talk at all to its newspersons about that topic or
anything else, I've begun to detect something on that Network that bothers
me even more:  frequently recurrent mentions of Hillary Clinton for
President and then, this morning, a long interview with someone [Matthew
Miller] who represents the "Harvard Gun Study."  The Study is concerned
about kids and firearms accidents -- a topic that should be and is of
concern to any sensible gun owner in any chronological period, almost of
whom have taken and take appropriate and sensible precautions. [Mr Miller,
who I suspect knows nothing about guns and their legitimate uses, downplayed
the effectiveness of parents in providing for gun safety and made no mention
of the plethora of effective firearms safety training programs found
throughout the country.]  But, obviously, in my own earned paranoiac
fashion, as I observe  some of the CNN goings-on, I recall the
administration of the Clintons only too well -- and the appropriate tagging
of CNN as the Clinton News Network.  The Record:

Abdication by the Clintons of their ostensible commitment to national health
care, running from the gay rights issue, seeking to "save" the children of
Waco through a bull-dozing policy which saw every child dead; bombing Iraq
to "weaken" it and levying sanctions which hurt its people badly, bombing
the Sudan, and "saving" Yugoslavia via 90 days of relentless bombing.  And,
of course, let's not forget the Clinton Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996 which
presaged and foundationed the Patriot Act and which, even before that
Bush/Ashcroft trail-blazer into the Abyss, was the statutory atrocity used
by those Bushies in mass roundups and summary justice immediately following
9-11.  Hillary supported all of this and presently supports, of course, the
"Iraq War" and collateral ventures.

The attack by the Clintons & Co. on firearms ownership was nothing short of
a prolonged and hysterical witch-hunt.  When, back in the Fall of '93, I
learned that the Clinton administration was backing the Brady Handgun bill, I told
my family that the Democrats could write off most of the West and much more
as well for a hell of a long stretch.  Clinton got his Brady Act [which has
been quite ineffective save for its signal violation of civil liberty and
which was eventually, with its background checks and fiscal fees, broadened
to include all firearms purchased from licensed firearms dealers.]

At the beginning of the Clinton reign, there were about 250,000
Federally-licensed [FFL] firearms dealers in the United States -- the great
majority small operators [often serving family and friends] and quite
honest -- and their presence was a solid check on the price-gouging big
chains. At least 200,000 dealers -- who, like myself, operated from their
homes -- were forced out of business by ATF action initiated by the Clintons
et al. The regional ATF director did write me a long and cordial letter
advising me how to renew my FFL smoothly -- after I wrote a strong letter of
protest advising him that I was a Life Member of NRA and a long-time ACLU
supporter as well.  I did not renew my FFL but may still -- especially since
the City of Pocatello has assured me that would be just fine in our present
[libertarian] setting.  Semi-automatic "assault weapons" , whose actions are
no different than a commonplace .22 semi-automatic, but which look "scary,"
were deliberately confused by many leading Demos and most mass media with
fully automatic firearms [legally banned in this country since the year I
was born] and were duly prohibited with much sanctimonious oratory -- but
that measure, with a sunset reg, has now expired.

The Lautenberg Law, enthusiastically supported by Billy and Hillary, was
passed prohibiting firearms ownership and providing for confiscation
thereof -- in the case of anyone who, in his or her lifetime and long before
the passage of the law, had been or is convicted of any crime including
simple misdemeanors, in which any violence was allegedly involved -- even
the most minor in nature.

There were constant attack on gun shows -- most of which have always kept
out racists and paramilitarists. [I was a stalwart of the Dacotah Gun Show.]

Throughout all of this, most radicals were silent or supportive of the
Clintons -- and many ostensible liberals cheered.  It fell to the National
Rifle Association [founded in 1871 by Union vets of the
Civil War] -- which, essentially non-partisan politically and which had in
'92 declined to support either George I or Clinton, to carry the Resistance.
Even as NRA mounted a massive counter-effort and was duly smeared by CNN et
al as a "paramilitary organization -- NRA has always and consistently
repudiated those outfits -- its membership grew from somewhat under two
million to its present level of four million.  And in addition there are
many family members and friends indeed -- and many, many other millions of
gun owners.

Now, the Democrats do finally stand a fighting chance -- in the Lost Lands
of the Mountain West, the Midwest, the South.  There is, obviously, no end
of issues of social concern.  But if the "national Democrats" swallow "gun
control" -- especially in any national form [and there is a fair chance some
may try that one] -- and if they embrace Hillary for President [not too
likely at this point but who knows, given the tendency of much of Humanity
to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory"] -- it'll be right back to the
Funeral Mountains of Death Valley.

And there they can watch CNN in the Shining Mirages.


H [A life-long gun owner, hunter, and NRA member -- and currently a
Benefactor Life Member.]



I'm quite glad to have been an NRA member since my mid-teens and a Life Member for most of my life.  I was president of our Junior NRA at Flagstaff [AZ] high school where we won a number of regional marksmanship awards and, as far as that goes, I was an Expert Marksman in the US Army in the beginning years of the 1950s.  United States Federal gun control affects everyone in this country.  It's done nothing to control crime -- whose basic causes [which are virtually never addressed in tangible fashion] lie in racism and ethnocentrism, poverty and general deprivation, urban congestion, inter-personal and value alienation.  In our website is an article I published in the socialist magazine, Against the Current, some years ago:  Civil Rights and Self-Defense.  It's given from my experiential perspective as a social justice organizer:

You might find it interesting.

Anyway, good to hear from you and all the best  -- Hunter [Hunter Bear]


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