Dear Hunter Gray (Dr. John R. Salter, Jr.):

We are researching an article which touches on the early treartment by the NRA (circa 1870-1900) of minorities - specifically blacks and native-American Indians. We have read several of your articles, and, in fact, quoted from one of them in an article we co-authored with Dave Kopel, which appeared on National Review Online):

We assumed that you might have some firsthand knowledge of the NRA's treatment of minorities. Is there anything we can quote you on concerning your early experiences with the NRA, or any knowle
dge of how the NRA has treated minorities in the past? Additionally, we would be interested in knowing if you have any information pertaining to this issue. Our search has turned up only limited knowledge on this, and were hoping you might provide us with some additional facts.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, and we hope the season finds you in remission and in comfortable health.

       -Drs. Paul Gallant and Joanne Eisen, Senior Fellows
       Independence Institute, http://i2i.org


Good to hear from you.  I cannot help you much on the early period -- though I'd be very surprised if NRA was much on the Western frontier itself or even in its afterglow -- most folks already had guns -- or even in the South in that early era.  Later, aside from the Robert Williams situation in the late '50s at Monroe NC [to whom NRA sent a charter], I did encounter Black NRA members in Mississippi and other Southern states in the '60s -- and later on the Chicago Southside.  Many were military veterans.  Byron de la Beckwith, an Anglo Life Member, murdered Medgar Evers on June 11 1963 -- but NRA national immediately cooperated fully with FBI on that tragic matter.  In late 1964 and 1965, United Klans of America was using "gun club" and"hunting club" as front names for their klaverns -- especially in Eastern North Carolina where they had a large membership.  We compiled a list of these phony outfits and sent it to NRA -- which, duly warned, was certainly most responsive.  In the late '40s and beginning of the '50s, our Flagstaff High School Junior NRA group -- of which I was a very active officer! -- reflected much of the ethnic diversity of our school:  Anglo, Native American, Chicano.  And that continued. Hope this helps a bit and, if more comes to mind, I will certainly be in touch.  All best - H



From Hunter Bear -

These are a couple of thoughts apropos of coalitions, based on Duane's [
Campbell] thoughtful and feedback-soliciting comments with which I am in
general, though not total accord. [I never am in total agreement with
anyone!]  I am not a member of the DSA member discussion list, though I have been a DSOC/DSA member since about '78.  Duane, of course, is welcome to share these brief thoughts of mine -- such as they are -- wherever he wishes.]

[I have been up a fair part of the night on a Pocatello [Idaho] police
matter -- which has been satisfactorily resolved.  They, BTW, functioned in
a perfectly appropriate fashion and I trust the principals are finally
getting some sleep. Now, even my super loyal half-Bobcat cat, Cloudy Gray,
is sleeping at this computer.]

First, I make a distinction between "alliances" and "coalitions."  The
former is loose, flexible, and explicitly pragmatic, sometimes relatively
short lived, and definitely observes all of the autonomy and "identity
integrity" of the partners.  [It can sometimes be mercurial.] Those
qualities should essentially  apply, of course, to "coalitions" -- but I am
inclined to see coalitions as much more formal and cohesive and generally
characterized by substantive direction and longevity.

Each model is frequently quite useful in our necessarily pragmatic and
statistically limited existence -- whoever "our" is.  And nothing human can
be an erector set.  But neither has to be viewed by its components as
permanently institutionalized.

Each model has to be grounded within a bona fide mutual respect.

Each model has to be based on "enlightened self interest"  of an explicitly
mutual nature.

Each model, maintaining an effective focus on the here-and-now in the
context of  Vision "over the mountains yonder," has to avoid "ideological

Each model has to avoid cannibalism.

Each model has to avoid inter-meddling in the internal affairs of the
respective components.

Trite as it sounds, "continual communication" -- preferably face to face --
is critical in any alliance or coalition.

And, of course, in the last analysis there is no substitute for fresh,
grassroots, democratic and direct face to face community organization!  As I have said -- sometimes to the point of redundancy -- that's the hardest work in the Cosmos.  And, if that organizing is genuinely effective in the
"radical" sense, it is never "respectable" in the eyes of the Big Mules.

Anything organizational [or union contract-wise] is only as good and
effective as its members wish to make it.

Fraternally / In Solidarity -

HUNTER GRAY  [HUNTER BEAR]   Micmac /St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk --
and DSA, CCDS, SPUSA, Solidarity [and UAW and UALE]


[We have many heavy issues with which to deal.  Candor does compel me
to set forth -- as I have at other points -- my position on guns and gun
rights which I do see as important matters.

A few portions of this have appeared in my earlier posts -- some as I have
corresponded with a staunch pro-gun ally on ASDnet, The Mysterious

Coming right to the bone:  I see the Second Amendment as a fundamental
Constitutional [and human] right not a whit different in quality than any of
the others in our Bill of Rights.  The ban on so-called "assault rifles"
involved, no more and no less, a ban on conventional semi-automatics. You
have to pull the trigger each time you fire it.  Action wise, the "assault
rifles" are no different than a kid's .22 semi-automatic available, say, at
a discount store.  The only difference is that the  "assault rifles"
have all kinds of cosmetic hype attached to them -- to give them a purely
superficially formidable appearance.  Fully automatic weapons have been
banned in the United States for civilian use since 1934.

I have been a member of the National Rifle Association virtually my entire
life. [Founded in 1871, it may now have as many as four million members.]
And for most of my time, I have been a Life Member.  There are four levels
of life membership in NRA and I  am at the highest.  I am also a Life Member of the North Dakota Shooting Sports Association. In the late '40s and beginning of the '50s, our match-winning Flagstaff High School Junior NRA group -- of which I was a very active officer! -- reflected much of the
ethnic diversity of our school:  Anglo, Native American, Chicano, Black,

NRA works on behalf of gun rights, gun safety, conservation, shooting
range development and match shooting.

I had my first firearm -- a .22 Winchester pump rifle, octagon barrel and
curved butt-plate, Model 1890 -- at age seven.  In a recent tally, I can say
that I've had over 200 different firearms since then.  Most have been for
conventional hunting, though a few have been revolvers.  I presently have
five Western-style lever action big bore rifles [two 45/70s, a .444, a .44
magnum, a 30/06], one ten gauge magnum shotgun-- and a fine
Ruger .22 Magnum Single Action ["Single Six"] revolver.

Two of the foregoing -- one 45/70 and the 30/06 -- are Browning High Grade replicas of the Winchester 1886 and the Winchester 1895, respectively. [John Browning, of Northern Utah, did all of those patents and many others for Winchester.] Each has the highest grade steel and walnut stocks --and various animals in gold inlay. The 30/06 is also one of the very rare One In One Thousand.

For years, I held a Federal Firearms [dealer's] License and am pretty well
versed in United States gun law.  When it neared expiration, the regional
director of ATF wrote a kind letter advising me of the steps I could take to
quickly and smoothly renew it.  I much appreciated his letter, but I let the
FFL expire.  It had primarily served the needs of our extended family.

In addition to much hunting, I can certainly speak to the sensible use of
firearms in self-defense situations  -- involving social justice organizers
and personal citizenry -- where so-called "law enforcement" is either nil or
very laggard or is on the side of the racists and company thugs.  This
extends -- and broadly so in the United States -- right to the contemporary
moment.  I've often said that I have every good reason to keep, as I do, a
couple of loaded weapons at hand right here and right now in our Idaho home.

Here are a couple of historical pieces which some may have seen, others not. As an Indian, I am in the soul, very much a traditionalist. And remember, that great Chiricahua/Mescalero freedom fighter, Geronimo, during his wild and free days, never failed to include -- in any photos taken of him -- his 45/70 Springfield and then, in keeping with technological movement, his Winchester 40/60 WCF 1876 lever action.

These are from our website:

John Gray [Ignace Hatchiorauquasha], great/great/great grandfather of Hunter Gray:

"Gray -- Ross had described him the year before as "a turbulent blackguard, a damned rascal" -- then launched into a denunciation of the policies of HBC in general and the men of the Columbia Department in particular:  ". . .the greatest Villains in the World & if they were here this day I would shoot them . . ."     John Gray [Ignace Hatchiorauquasha], Mohawk, fighting leader of the Iroquois fur-hunters in the Far West, to Peter Skene Ogden et al. of the Hudson's Bay Company, on May 24 1825, at the point John Gray and his Native band struck Ogden's camp -- near the present northeastern Utah/southeastern Idaho border -- and successfully ended a viciously exploitative pricing system and quasi-indentured servitude over the  whole, entire wide region.

Cited from:  Don Berry, A Majority of Scoundrels: An Informal History of the
Rocky Mountain Fur Company  [New York: Harper & Brothers, 1961], page 97.

The Western Federation of Miners -- founder of IWW and later rechristened as the International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers -- responded to the cruel and viciously sanguinary repression initiated by the Mine Owners' Association and its lackeys in the Rocky Mountain and environs region.

At the WFM convention of 1897, held at Salt Lake City,  president Ed Boyce
delivered a famous speech:

"I deem it important to direct your attention to Article 2 of the
Constitutional Amendments of the United States -- "the right of the people
to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."  This you should comply with
immediately.  Every [local] union should have a rifle club.  I strongly
advise you to provide every member with the latest improved rifle, which can be obtained from the factory at a nominal price.  I entreat you to take
action on this important question, so that in two years we can hear the
inspiring music of the martial tread of 25,000 armed men in the ranks of

[Cited in, among others, Vernon H. Jensen, Heritage of Conflict:
Labor Relations In  The Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Up   To 1930  (Ithaca:
Cornell University Press, 1950)  page 67.]

And a few of my many experiences -- under my former name of
John R. Salter, Jr. [from an early 1990s essay by David Koepel]:

"In the 1950s and 1960s, a new civil rights movement began in the South.
White supremacist tactics were just as violent as they had been during
Reconstruction. Blacks and civil rights workers armed for self-defense.
John Salter, a professor at Tougaloo College and chief organizer of the
N.A.A.C.P.'s Jackson Movement during the early 1960s, wrote, "No one knows what kind of massive racist retaliation would have been directed against grass-roots black people had the black community not had a healthy measure of firearms within it." Salter personally had to defend his home and family several times against attacks by night riders. After Salter fired back, the night riders fled.

The unburned Ku Klux Klan cross in the Smithsonian Institution was donated by a civil rights worker whose shotgun blast drove Klansmen away from her driveway.

State or federal assistance sometimes came not when disorder began but when blacks reacted by arming themselves. In North Carolina, Governor Terry Sanford refused to command state police to protect a civil rights march from Klan attacks. When Salter warned Governor Sanford that if there were no police, the marchers would be armed for self-defense, the Governor provided police protection."  [From the essay, "Trust the People" by David Koepel]

Firearms ownership in the United States runs into the many, many, many
tens of millions.  Hardly all of those are in Idaho or Vermont or North
Dakota -- or rural and small town America generally.  A vast number of
them are held by big city people, including the urban working-class
[gun ownership among union members is extremely high] and among
urban "minorities."  Individual self-defense via firearms is not at all
uncommon in the cities.  In recent years,  NRA has provided
considerable assistance to gay rights self-defense groups, almost all of
these in urban settings.

As Ever,

Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'
In the mountains of Eastern Idaho



Note by Hunter Bear:

This post has nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to do with the present
little firestorm of political discourse on RBB.  Someone asked on the
Marxist list about handgun purchases and this, my response, might
be of general assistance.  H

Stick with a well recognized brand: e.g., Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Colt.  If
you are new to handguns, I'd get a revolver [always my personal preference anyway to this very moment] which is safer than a semi-automatic.  You could probably pick up a good used one for about $150-$200.  Frankly, I'd get a .22 or a .22 Magnum.  I have a Ruger Single Six 22 magnum. Inexpensive to shoot but capable.  To be more specific, it is single action and you have to cock it each time you fire it [six shots], but that is safer.  Unless there is a really pressing reason, I wouldn't carry it concealed and, if you should have to do so, by all means get a formal permit from your local sheriff's department.  I personally have never gotten a concealed weapon permit.  The Brady Act mandates background checks etc but you should have no problem getting clearance pretty fast.  A good reputable firearms dealer could advise you solidly on things including gun laws: city [if applicable], state [if applicable], Federal.  Don't depend on someone at a general sporting goods store -- but go to a specialized gun shop.  Don't hesitate to ask me any questions as you go along.  Get a good holster or case and a cleaning kit.

All best - H

HUNTER GRAY  [HUNTER BEAR]   Micmac /St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'


I have received a good number of friendly and thoughtful queries on the
Columbus situation.  Here is one:

Hello, [to Hunter Bear, 10/18/04]

My son, who is in first grade, came home last week and told me that Columbus "discovered" America. There was no telling him that his teacher was wrong. According to my husband, throwing a fit wasn't the best way to handle the situation. I wondered if you know of any good children's books that debunk the Columbus myths.

From Hunter Bear:

Good to hear from you.  I know of no early childhood books -- but this
certainly does not mean there are none.  One of my daughters works at an
elementary school locally and, while it probably has no books of that genre,
she does have access to book catalogs.  I will see what I can find out.

In the meantime, it is quite safe to tell your child that the people now
frequently known as "American Indians" and "Native Americans" came across the Bering Straits from Northeastern Asia [including Mongolia] over a period of several thousand years when the land bridge was still extant.  There is all sorts of cultural and racial evidence for this [including some that is linguistic.]  Soviet anthros found some signs of eventual reverse
migrations. There are endless arguments over dates, etc. but some of this
was certainly as far back as 10,000 years ago or more.  In addition to the
Aleuts of the Aleutian Islands, there are Eskimos on both the Siberian and
Alaskan  sides.  Scandinavian Vikings visited the Nova Scotia area about
1100 a.d. and 1200 a.d. and some were absorbed by the Native tribes.
British fishermen were off the coast of Canada in the late 1400s.
Shipwrecked Japanese fisherman probably hit the Pacific Northwest coast at many chronological points and many of these were absorbed.  No serious
student of all of this, btw, questions the claim of American Indians and
Aleuts and Eskimos to what is known legally in US and Canadian Federal
Indian law as primary "aboriginal title."  I taught the intricacies of that
subject -- Federal Indian Law -- for thirteen years at the university level.

Later -  H

And from a daughter in law -- Dawn -- who teaches, came the data on an appropriate child's book -- which I, of course, forwarded along.



Dear Bill:

Agreed and heartily so.  You, Tanya, and all of us with Companions -- And Good Friends -- Into-And-Through Life, could not be more fortunate.  [I do trust that Eldri who will read this agrees!]

I've been, in my own Old Time, a lone hunter for many days at a stretch without human contact, and a lone trapper for even much longer.  In fact, I once spent 63 days on an extremely remote fire lookout, many miles by rough trail from the nearest dirt road, without seeing anyone save a friendly black bear who visited my garbage pit each night. My tie with the world was a basic short wave-type radio system which enabled me to talk effectively despite its inherent unreality and an extremely rudimentary crank-up telephone maintained by No. 9 wire strung through the spruce and fir and yellow pines.  In due course, I learned I am much more of a social creature than I once thought and this "perfection of primitiveness" [Audubon] palled somewhat.   And, in time, of course, I married Eldri and we have been happily and productively together for almost 44 years.

And, again, Bill -- you have been and are a very fortunate person indeed.

All best - H

HUNTER GRAY  [HUNTER BEAR]   Micmac /St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'



Note by Hunter Bear:

"Why does a school district with a student population of 80 percent Native
American have only 15 percent of its teachers being Native American and only a handful of its administrators? " [from an article in the Gallup Independent]

Gallup, New Mexico -- not far from the border of the vast Navajo Nation [nor far from Zuni Pueblo as far as that goes] -- lies in the far west/central
part of the state along the Interstate [once Highway 66.]
In the old days, it was racist and anti-union [coal] as hell, and it's still
no prize for sure, but it has come some good distance, however painfully.
[My youngest, Josie, was born there in '79.]  Its newspaper, the daily
Gallup Independent, is actually pretty good -- my son, Pete, was its
delivery person at remote Tsaile [Say-Lee] on the res -- and, between it and
the weekly on-res Navajo Times, much public Dine' news is covered.

At one point, after a struggle, we had gotten a good [Navajo] president at
Navajo Community College [now Dine' College] -- but he had hardly arrived
when political efforts from some elements in the tribal bureaucracy began to knife him in earnest.  When we learned of this, early one evening, several of us collected hundreds of student and faculty and staff names in support of this person.  We had to get the story to the Navajo public and fast. Late that moonlit night, Duane Hale [a Creek Indian from Oklahoma who taught History] and I drove in my big yellow Chev pickup the almost 100 miles to Gallup with the petitions discussing the situation and the vast number of names.  We were somewhat surprised that the newspaper offices were dark but we left the material tacked onto its front door.  [Although we had made xerox copies of everything, this was still a gamble.]

And the Independent ran a hell of a great story the next day on behalf of
our NCC Cause.  And our president stayed at the college.





U.S. Federal Indian Law -- the major legal force in Indian Country -- is
extremely complex.  I taught it at the university level for thirteen years
and have to fight pretty consistently to keep up with the very frequently
mercurial field.  The basic texts and reference works [e.g., the now
somewhat dated Felix Cohen's Handbook with close to 700 pages] are heavy enough to sink a big Abenaki canoe.  The forest of Federal Indian Law , replete with thickets, contains hundreds of Native tribes, thousands of treaties, no end of court decisions and administrative rulings and executive orders [and much more,  including such related dimensions as the myriad of local tribal laws] -- to say nothing of most of the states in the Union. [And, of course, it has within it very basic rivers and mountains.]  It is a course and a field I greatly enjoy -- and certainly miss teaching.

In teaching the course, it helps, of course, to have a solid grasp of Native
history and that of United States social/economic/and political movement.

And then, of course, there is Canada's Federal Indian Law.

[It is well worth mentioning that ACLU does offer a concise little manual on
the rights of Indians and tribes [Stephen Pevar].

This is a wise beginning move by Washington State which, as I recall, has
been preceded by New Mexico.  Many other states will ultimately follow their




[Without becoming alarmist, we have learned to take these things with
sensible seriousness and thus are posting this fairly widely.  This outfit's specifically relevant link which we found doesn't seem to "take" -- but Storm Front is prevalent via Google.]

Well, what else is new? Ever since we came to Idaho years ago, where we have always been involved on behalf of racial/social justice,  there have been strange things -- many obviously hostile. Surfing assiduously, Maria has discovered that we have been discovered by yet another one of the White Hate groups -- the Stormfront White Nationalist
Community and placed somewhere on their website.  Stormfront White
Nationalist Community > General > Lounge  Their one public comment here with reference to us appears to be, "This place is funny." I haven't combed their very full website although they appear to be very interested in ours.  Maria thinks this is the group that copied and publicized my now-very-old IWW Red Card [issued literally a half century ago at Seattle.]

Their cut and paste arrangement is confusing.  Primarily they now focus on
this website link of ours: http://www.hunterbear.org/IDAHO%20and%20the%20wild%20west.htm 

This contains a number of my pieces, including one on "Idaho Hate Groups."  My page also reprints a piece of mine ["Idaho as Place"]  from a few years back, published in the nicely done NORTHWEST ETHNIC VOICE
whose editor is Bob Rossi of Oregon, a union organizer and Socialist Party USA member.  And my page contains, too, an article of mine on our local Idaho setting published by the fine socialist journal, AGAINST THE CURRENT.  And there is more.

In its website,  Stormfront reprints at least a couple of pieces of mine on Western regional hate organizations.

In addition, among the pages on our website which Earthlink data indicates are suddenly being viewed substantially are:

http://www.hunterbear.org/continued_reflections_on_hate_gr.htm ["Continued Reflections on Hate Groups and Other Sicknesses"]

http://www.hunterbear.org/interlude.htm  ["The Wild Wild Wobblies -- And My Great Appreciation and Respect"      With photos of pages from my old IWW Red Card]

We have noticed -- these past few weeks -- odd, out of place vehicles coming up around here and then quickly going back down. Some may simply be lost but, given the obvious curiosity of several, I have been increasingly suspicious.  Our basic phone is unlisted but another, which serves a computer, is not.  According to Caller ID stuff, it and our cell phone as well have been receiving weird calls -- sometimes from the same outside

Our neighbors fall into various ethnic groups and are just fine.  Many are
Mormon and others are of other faiths -- and they are all friends.

Recently, I thoughtfully and publicly listed my entire firearms
collection -- along with a  statement  on principled and sensible
self-defense -- on the far upper end of our Lair of Hunterbear

And we do have three noisy activist dogs:  our Shelty, the black Siberian
husky, and our deep voiced Australian Stump Tailed Cattle Dog.

In Solidarity - Hunter Bear   DSA, SPUSA, Solidarity, CCDS -- and UAW and
United Association for Labor Education


Stormfront White Nationalist Community > General > Lounge > The NORTHWEST


Northern Bastion

This place is funny.


This article of mine -- on Idaho as Place -- has just appeared in NORTHWEST ETHNIC VOICE [May/June 2001] Northwest Ethnic Voice -- "a progressive review of multi-ethnic music, food, and culture" -- "exists to give expression to the self-managed cultural trends of immigrants and the
children of immigrants in our region. We believe that our cultural and
class experience, despite its self-contradictory nature, prefigures a better
world in which all are treated with dignity and respect and directly control
the most basic aspects of our lives.The new issue features a lead piece on a
popular Egyptian singer, a piece on social change in Armenia, a debate about Greek political issues, a recipe and pieces on home and its meaning from a Native American and an Italian-American activist. We continue to be a force for rebuilding a left within ethnic communities, liberation theology and exploring the interaction between race, ethnicity and class. All writers are union members and activists."

Idaho Hate Groups -- And Other Racist And Related Stuff For a number of
years, there has been very justifiable media and other
public focus on the pervasively violent Nazi-type hate groups [Aryan
Nations, Identity "church" ] clustered in their camps and compounds in
North Idaho -- Hayden Lake setting, etc. These outfits have been losing
ground significantly in the past few years -- aging leaders, factionalism,
public exposure, legal attacks, very much the mobilization of decent people
in the region, etc. -- but still, of course, continue to pose a definite
threat. However, other hate enterprises are moving into Idaho at this point
[ National Alliance etc] to set up their covens, distribute and broadcast
racist and anti-Semitic and homophobic material -- and this will invariably
lead to more anti-people actions and outright violence. These
developments are causal -- moving to "light new fires" -- but they are also
symptomatic, i.e., finding lots of old but fertile soil: the
much-publicized hate stuff in North Idaho has always taken the focus away
from the far, far more entrenched prejudice/discrimination situation that
pervades much of Idaho [not all of its people and institutions, certainly,
but many indeed.] This more "traditional" and "old timey" and relatively
pervasive grassroots dimension can certainly involve some local and
state police operations which are inherently and historically very
anti-civil libertarian -- and which, despite sometime pious disclaimer,
certainly have racist and related attitudes and practices. Unemployment and sub-employment, especially among teenagers and young adults, is an obvious socio-economic ill for everyone -- but when this involves Anglos, in a racist etc. setting, it spells serious trouble -- as it has in other
comparable situations such as that involving thousands of farmers and
ranchers losing their land in the Northern Plains. Good people in Idaho --
and they are not scarce -- have their work cut out for them. Avowed
socialists and other healthy-minded left radicals and genuine civil rights
and civil liberties activists generally -- and we are still rather scarce
at this point -- have much basic trail-blazing to do! Hunter Gray
Hunter Gray

In response to the question [on a discussion list, 3/25/01] : As I
indicated, the National Alliance is one of several hate groups that is
"moving into Idaho at this point" -- a shift that is occurring concurrently
with the much reported decline [unfortunately, not the demise] of the Aryan Nations situation in North Idaho: e.g., Hayden Lake, Sandpoint. As far as is known, the National Alliance "headquarters" is still being maintained in West Virginia. The National Alliance, as virulently poisonous a weed as one could encounter, does appear to be making Idaho a project focus: with its considerable hate leafleting suddenly developing in several areas -- and
possibly providing the motivation -- in one of those areas -- behind
the very recent [two days ago] midnight fire-bombing of a Black woman's home here at Pocatello.

Hunter Gray

vBulletin v3.0.3, Copyright ©2000-2004, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

David Duke Live on Stormfront Every Sunday at 2pm Eastern

HUNTER GRAY  [HUNTER BEAR]   Micmac /St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'




Normally, I wouldn't trouble folks with some of this. But
Stormfront White Nationalist Community is pretty damn
Nazi and in any case worth some close attention. We
won't overdo it.

Yesterday, when I posted on the Stormfront White Nationalist
Community and our [possible] developing conflict with them,
I tried to send their link which provided more
info on their nature and character/goals and objectives.
But the link simply did not work.  So here is some of that, gleaned
from the stuff Maria found on their website.  [Google has much
as well.]  My own Hunterbear links transferred OK -- both on
their sites and my posts -- as did the pieces from our Hunterbear
website on Idaho hate groups and related dimensions which they
had reprinted. Stormfront has been on the Net for a decade, has
other "projects", a global reach, includes some of the most notorious
haters, a National Alliance hook-up -- and more.  But first on something

Today,  we got -- at my urging -- earthquake insurance.
Many around these parts don't see it as all that necessary.
But I have a feeling.  With quakes in Japan, and Mt St Helens doing
its thing --plus a modest earthquake history locally [some heavy damage] --
we acted.  Even structural damage could cost high.  I don't trust
FEMA.  We are so far up that a flood hitting us would wreck the
world and pretty safe -- as I assess it -- from brush and forest
fires.  Three years ago, however, my computer began to
jiggle and it was a small quake centered in western Wyoming.

In 1831, the Iroquois fur hunters and related Indians saw
what came to be called Mt St Helens
erupt -- they were, of course, well to the
east.  Apparently there were ground tremblings. They, especially those who
had had a Jesuit ed [like John Gray] had some handle on what and why.
Local Indians gave it a supernatural explanation.  But traveling with the
Iroquois for a brief period, were two Hawaiian Natives who knew more
and passed it along.  They were, btw, known as Owyhee and that is
where that oft place name comes into sw Idaho, nw Nevada and eastern
Oregon.   And now to Stormfront:

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HUNTER GRAY  [HUNTER BEAR]   Micmac /St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'


In our Gray Hole, the ghosts often dance in the junipers and sage, on the
game trails, in the tributary canyons with the thick red maples, and on the
high windy ridges -- and they dance from within the very essence of our own inner being. They do this especially when the bright night moon shines down on the clean white snow that covers the valley and its surroundings.  Then it is as bright as day -- but in an always soft and mysterious and
remembering way.

Hunter Bear
Hunter Gray/
John R Salter, Jr



It's a cold, rainy and snowy early morn in Eastern Idaho.  Cloudy, my super
vigilant half Bobcat, sits right here by our partially opened window.  My
youngest, Josie, and her very special friend, Cameron, are elk hunting near
the Wyoming border.  Cameron's grandfather, Lin Whitworth, Idaho's senior
labor advocate and a grassroots populist/Democrat, will be debating his
rival tonight, Mike Simpson, a conservative Republican for the Second
Congressional District seat.

I've recently posted on earthquake possibilities -- none yet -- and we trust
our new State Farm coverage on that issue will salvage our fiscal interests
in our fine and sturdy home.  Whether it salvages us, of course, remains to
be seen. Actually, we are more concerned about expensive structural damage
than a possible total out.

And we are quite aware and even more concerned about racist stirrings and
maneuverings in these parts. As constructively involved in these issues as
we are able, we continue to note some very strange things in our general and
immediate settings.  Again, recently, I've posted on the "Stormfront White
Nationalist Community"  -- a well established outfit with National Alliance
hookups -- which is one more of such that is taking an interest in us.

Those posts of mine have produced several interesting letters from good
people.  Most tend to support principled individual self-defense, but not
all.  Here are two colloquies.  The first is with a friend with extensive
Southern Movement background and the second is from a thoughtful socialist.
[Simply as a matter of conventional form, I've removed their names.]

In Solidarity - Hunter Bear

Hunter: Time to do some target practice again if you haven't for awhile. Don
't take anything (or anyone outside of close friends and relatives) for
granted. I had a similar experience when I was a whistleblower at the City .
. .

Hunter: I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I also think you should have a
camera with you at all times and photograph anyone or anything that acts
suspiciously. (This is all precautionary. I really think you'll be fine.)

FROM HUNTER: - I very much appreciate your thinking on potentially dangerous
things like this.  This is a general region where "bad things happen" and
our more than seven years here have been marked with things occasionally
similar to the Old South:  obviously racist police of various kinds -- not
all lawmen -- but some; racists of various groups; "incidents."  The camera
is a good suggestion -- and I am up on target practice!  You are very
reasonably on target to underscore consistent vigilance.  In our experience,
these people often back off once they sense our determination.

Again, while these things can, sadly, crop up anywhere, this is Idaho.
Thanks once again and don't hesitate to pass along any thoughts you may

Best - H

Hunter: To coin a phrase, "Life is a bitch." Good Luck! Don't hesitate to
contact me if I can be of any help.

Dear Hunter Bear:  10/26/04  from Brandon

 Mind if I ask why are you confronting a group with dangerous rhetoric? I am
strongly against hate groups. I myself have confronted the National
Socialist Movement or the Nazi party of the U.S. and they are pretty damn

 My view is that if you just ignore them (although, they will not go away)
they will have nothing to say. When people do not go to their stupid
rallies, then, they will see that they have no influence over people because
people will not want to listen to them.

 These groups try to sound as if they have a large following. That is
further from the truth. The truth is that at their rallies, the
counter-demonstrators outnumber the supporters. At a NSM rally in
Indianapolis in 2003, there were more counter-demonstrators then there were
NSM supporters.

 There is no such thing as a pure white person. They try to claim that this
land was rightfully theirs and it was never rightfully theirs. It belonged
to the Native Americans and this land was stolen from the Native Americans.

 Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California was stolen from Mexico by U.S.

 When the European colonizers conquered these areas and illegally annexed
them to the U.S. Empire, they did everything they could to wipe out the
Indigenous population.

 Columbus Day should be renamed, "Day of Indigenous Resistance."

 Christopher Columbus spearheaded the biggest invasion and genocide ever in
the history of man. Columbus, brought over 500 years of imperialism to the
Western Hemisphere.

 Colombia, Venezuela, America, Mexico, Canada. These names were given to
these regions by foreign imperialists. Their lands were stolen by the
English and the Spanish. The Spanish were very cruel to the Indigenous

 These groups like National Alliance, Aryan Nations, Stormfront, National
Socialist Movement, and the KKK are ignorant. They do not know history. They
took history and twisted it around. They took the Bible and twisted it
around for their own perverted means. The history is that their people, (the
white colonizers) stole the lands that the Natives lived on. Their hero,
Hitler, started World War II and committed genocide far worse than any
person could have created. Hitler, murdered Jews, Gypsies, Communists,
Socialists, disabled people, Muslims, Homosexuals, and others in his
extermination camps.

 These groups should not be allowed to use the internet or a public forum to
preach their hatred, and intolerant views. Hate speech is not free speech.
The spoken word can sometimes cause violence. Remember, because of dangerous
rhetoric, Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City in

 We can abolish hate by showing groups like Stormfront that they are not
welcome in our communities.

In Solidarity,

Dear Brandon:  10/26/04  from Hunter

Thanks for your thoughtful letter.  Obviously, I am not disposed to agree
with you on an all-around nonviolent approach to hate group activism, but I
do much respect your stance.  I have always practiced tactical nonviolence
[in demonstrations] -- but I do believe in thoughtful and principled
self-defense.  This particular group is showing much obviously hostile
interest in us -- and "us" is here in Idaho in 2004, a challenging setting
to say the least and one in which while, many lawmen are OK, many others are
quite the reverse.  I have, in addition to myself, a large family with many
animal companions -- and, frankly, I am glad there is a Second Amendment and
I have seven firearms.  I agree that these hate groups are not large -- I
remember when another foe, United Klans, had an estimated 20,000 members in
North Carolina alone.  But you only need a few when violently-oriented hate
travels in the night.

Dear Brandon [immediate followup note]:  10/26/04  from Hunter

Without overly mixing issues, I must say that I believe strongly in an
all-around interpretation of our First Amendment.  You cannot curtail the
speech of a racist group -- I am not talking about criminal actions --
without threatening that of everyone.  You might find the following piece of
mine to be of interest:

Handling the Klan on Easter Sunday, 1965   [Hunter Gray / John R Salter, Jr

There's been a good deal of talk on various lists about First Amendment and
related matters.  Here's my silver dollar:

I've never had a relativistic view of First Amendment rights -- and I have
little tolerance for that kind of slippery slope stuff.  So far I think I've
done consistently OK on those issues, if I  do say so myself.  But, every so
often, I'm much tested by events.  One of those came on Easter Sunday, 1965
in Halifax County, North Carolina -- vis-a-vis a huge Klan rally. READ THE REST OF THIS SIGNIFICANT PIECE AT OUR LINK,  http://www.hunterbear.org/handling_the_klan_on_easter_sund.htm

Comment from Clyde Appleton, Tucson:  [10/30/04] 

Hunter, my old friend--
     This was a wonderful and inspiring post.  You have surely lived, and helped write, some important chapters in the history of our recent times.  I salute you.
     Best wishes to Eldri and your whole family.
     Paz, Clyde