FAMILY STUFF (Continued) 


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My father was Micmac and St. Francis Abenaki (in his family's case, increasingly involved and mixed with Penobscot) -- these tribes part of the far-flung Wabanaki (Abnaki) Confederacy -- and also Mohawk (Iroquois.) Throughout his adult life, he successfully exhibited his fine art -- oils, watercolors, sculpture, woodcuts, lithographs, ceramics -- all over the United States, Canada, and abroad.  This kind of exhibit, however, was the sort with which he was completely comfortable and with which he felt great empathy, enjoyment, and pride.

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Seama Village Family, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico, 1940s





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Nadine, Hopi, Northern Arizona, 1950


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My father's last woodblock print -- shortly before he died in 1978:  Catholic Indian art, set in a New Mexico Native Pueblo (either Laguna or San Felipe.)

Note by Hunter Gray [John R. Salter, Jr.] :  These foregoing pieces and much more of my father's work are in my personal possession.   Much is held by Northern Arizona University.  Many pieces are in the possession of Native tribes and private collectors and Catholic and Anglican churches.

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