Note by Hunterbear:  11/23/02

I'm filing this on several lists and with a number of individuals.
And I'm doing this on the basis of intuition.

This is, believe me, much more tangibly real than even "earned paranoia."

Like a great many life-long radicals indeed,  I'm certainly used to  all
sorts of open and covert Federal and other kinds of witch-hunting and
red-baiting and whatever.  The FBI began targeting me when I was still in my
very early 'twenties and, as I've noted at other points, I've since
recovered via FOIA/PA more than 3,000 pages of my FBI file[s] which cover
the time period from 1957 to 1979 and involve my being given various "high
priority" agitator rankings:  Section A of the Reserve Index, Security
Index, and Rabble Rouser Index. [In addition, there are several hundred
pages which FBI won't release to me short of a Federal court fight.]

And then there are the hundreds of pages on us from the old Mississippi
State Sovereignty Commission which we recovered a few years
ago -- and which we immediately made public.

[Not bad, I should say, for an outstanding member of Monsignor Albouy's
Explorer Scout Troop at Flagstaff, Arizona.]

We've always assumed -- without letting any
of this inhibit us in any fashion -- that we are being targeted by various
forms of official surveillance.  Hence, we didn't, for example, find
surprising the Fed/state/local task force situation [ via Clinton's 1996
"Anti-Terrorism" Act] which targeted us in the final stages of our North
Dakota sojourn and then very much once we moved here to Eastern Idaho in
1997.  I do have to say that some of the smear stuff  [e.g., "Stalinist"]
that I've encountered overtly on the Internet -- and of whose covert
existence on the Net and environs I continue to learn -- is really bizarre.

[I should add that anyone interested  in learning the realities -- if indeed
anyone is -- can find much indeed about me in all respects on our large Lair
of Hunterbear website  and certainly via my Personal
Narrative section  ]

The highlights of our Idaho experiences are on two pages which begin with
this Link:
This includes governmental-type stuff -- and overtly racist stuff as

Lately, there has been an increase in some weirdly surreptitious and
hostile things.  Here's just one example:

At the end of October, 2002, I took one of my very frequent -- sometimes
daily -- five and six mile hikes up into the very rough and rugged turf
which begins almost at our back door.  There was some fresh snow and, as
always, I saw no other persons once I got into the basic very wild country.
Very early the next day, I retraced that junket and suddenly saw the
footprints of someone else -- from the previous day -- faithfully following
mine over some considerable and increasingly rough distance.  Then, when I
entered the really rough and steep stuff -- and it was clear I was taking an
obscure and extensive game trail almost straight up and from which I could
see much down below and on all sides -- the person turned back.  We never
see other people near there and, as a very experienced tracker from
childhood, I never see "sign" of anyone in dust or dirt and -- until this
situation -- in snow.

There's more, as I say, and more since then -- but that gives you some idea.

For our part, we always keep fighting -- and success is always ours in the
long run.

Fraternally / In Solidarity

Hunter Gray  [Hunterbear]  Micmac / St Francis Abenaki / St Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'

Issodhos writes to Hunter Gray: [11/29/02]  ASDnet discussion list

Subject: Re: [ASDnet] Weird things afoot -- where we are [filing this for
the record]

Reason enough to carry the .06, or, if the terrain is jumbled and close,
your .357 Winchester. But remember, the path of least resistance is natural,
so maybe someone else simply considered your track to be a reliable

Good to hear from you [at ASDnet], Issodhos.  On the matter of the man
mysteriously following me through the snow -- whose tracks I then saw when I
came again early the next morning -- we do have to see it as definitely
hostile. Virtually never do others get even near that very rugged setting --
and never/never in that weather. We do go up there, generally on a daily
basis, and never see anyone. [Lately, I've been going in the early morning
moonlight though the moon, of course, is now diminishing and traveling was a
bit slow this morning. I do have predawn light by the time I reach our area.
Lots of game, lots of friendly predators. My dog always comes with me and I
have my bear claw choker around my neck. The whole junket is close to six
miles around.]

Anyway, on that day at the end of October when I traveled in conventional
daylight, the guy  followed me a considerable distance,  finally stopping
[and turning back] when he reached the base of the very extensive, often
almost straight-up game trail that I always take and from which vantage
point I can  see much indeed in all directions: down and around and up.
Our on-going situation here is replete with these things -- which emanate,
as the case may be, from hostile lawmen and racists as well.  That incident
was soon followed by another weird thing -- this one not far from our house.

We always stand our ground. I do have Size 15 feet.  Besides, I am planning
on living forever.

The specific nature and setting of our very special remote area is discussed
vividly in this essay of mine, "Gray Lands and Gray Ghosts," which you can
immediately get via this website link of mine  You'll
like the piece -- and a few others might also.

Hunter Gray  [Hunterbear]  at Eastern Idaho
Protected by Na´shdo´i´ba´i´
and Ohkwari'

From Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]  12/03/02

A couple of days or so ago, this was posted on ASDnet -- an obviously
facetious and critical reference to a post that I had made a few days
earlier -- "Weird things afoot  where we are [for the record]" --  and then
followed up on with a brief colloquy between myself  and a friend, Issodhos.
This is the sarcastic post:

    "  RE: PC, Lenin and Hunter    Leo Casey
        Dec 01, 2002 16:44 PST

      Why don't we just leave Hunter to worry about all the people following
      him for nefarious purposes? It's sad, when you think about it.

      Leo "

This obviously hostile comment, which one might easily expect from some of
our various and venomous local and regional adversaries here in Eastern
Idaho, seems strikingly out of place on a socialist discussional list.  To
cut to the bone, anyone with any questions on our now very old [more than
five years] weird situation here -- which continues to take on bizarre
dimensions with regularity -- should certainly feel free to contact me,
off-list or on.  I'm also relisting my original "for the record" post as
well as  the post-script colloquy with a friend.  For us, this is a pretty
serious situation. We've had these things most of my life -- they don't
throw us and we know how to handle them.  One very important essentially
preventative measure is to sensibly -- I repeat, sensibly -- publicize
these things as broadly as possible.

Never a covert person in the remotest sense, I've been a very publicly
identified socialist for almost fifty years.  This is Idaho.  In addition to
our large [and very well known activist website [Lair of Hunterbear], I'm
specifically identified very publicly with DSA's Anti-Racism Commission
[Regional Organizer], Chair of the SPUSA's Indian Commission, broadly
regional contact person for CCDS, and as a [new] member of Solidarity.
Articles I've written recently [along with the articles of others ] in
several excellent Left print publications have certainly been read
locally -- at least in friendly quarters.  We're very deeply and
continuously involved, of course, in the sinister situation swirling around
the now four Native murders in North Dakota -- from which there has now come
some hostility from various "law enforcement" agencies [as well as general
"sin of omissional" silence from state government at Bismarck.]  Locally,
we've been involved in social justice issues since we got here -- and are
now organizing the Pocatello Anti-Racism Committee. Much of this is on our
website page

Almost all of our neighbors -- of various ethnicities -- in this far up and
on-the-edge setting are just fine.  Many are strong union members, many are
Mormon, some Catholic, and one family is Unitarian. No problems with
virtually all of them!. Beyond that circle, obviously, there are committed

Since these herewith and following attached reposts, there has been nothing
all that new.  I continue to make very frequent and almost daily five to six
mile trips --  generally lonely save for our Shelty dog and often in the
hours of the dark early morn -- into the very steep and rugged high country
that begins almost as soon as leave our back door. The mountain lions,
bobcats and coyotes are friendly. Rattlesnake buddies are now in
hibernation.  We continue to be vigilant without being inhibited.  The
challenge, which we've met all of our lives, is to keep going, keep
fighting -- steadily and sensibly -- sometimes with "deliberate speed" and
sometimes with fast-moving intensity.  We intend to continue doing just
that -- all the way through.  Again, if anyone has any questions, please
don't hesitate to ask me.

In Solidarity -  Hunter [Hunterbear]   Micmac / St Francis Abenaki / St
Regis Mohawk

Note by Hunterbear:  12/09/02   Kassie's Solid Comment

Not long ago I posted, "for the record, " a short account of an instance
where tracks-in-snow indicated I'd been carefully followed over considerable
distance at the end of October into an isolated, rugged and remote area --
which our family frequently visits and no one else does.  This is in the
context of several years of hostile experiences with "lawmen" and racists
here in Eastern Idaho.  That post of mine drew an especially hostile,
mocking comment on ASDnet -- to which I responded,  sending all of this
around. Support comments are always welcome as far as I'm concerned and
there were a number of very good ones.  Here's one that came just today --
and from someone who has lived in this Pocatello setting fairly recently:

This trenchant and pithy comment is from Dr Kass Fleisher, a former student
of mine -- who took most of my Indian Studies courses at UND [for grad
credit];  and who worked in the English grad program with my son, John, in
publishing excellent short stories [including reprinting my award-winning
Mainstream short story, The Destroyers] in the UND literary journal, North
Country. She's taught English at several places including Idaho State
University here at Pocatello.  She and her husband now teach at University
of Colorado.  Kass, I should add, has recently written an excellent book on
the infamous Bear River Massacre  just north of the  Utah/Idaho border, late
January 1863, in which California Volunteers murdered almost 300 Shoshoni
people [under their chief, Bear Hunter, himself killed] -- almost one
hundred of whom were women and children.  I was privileged to be one of
several official readers of this first-rate work, which has powerful
contemporary dimensions and ramifications, and which was then accepted for
publication by a major eastern university press.

Her refreshing comment on this matter at hand:

some people (apparently even socialists) just don't like thinking
that there are organized obstructions in our society.  then too, so
many people can't imagine a situation occurring that hasn't happened
to them (to their knowledge...who knows!).  i get this with women a
lot.  "i've never been oppressed, so why don't you stop bothering me
with your whining!"  since they're in denial, they have to shoot the

but you know alla this (and more).

don't take any shit.